Agency to Advocate

A night with Son Semillas

As one of the main contributors to openED SA I (joey lopez) am always looking for community groups who take advocacy and community engagement to such a personal level it transcends their own efforts. Watching Son Semillas co-founders Arabella Parlati Daniels and Francisco Cortes organize and facilitate a going away Fandango for one of the […]

Spare Parts Olympics

On January 28th, 2017, Spare Parts hosted their first gathering of its creative reuse educators.  The event was hosted by Spare Parts and Mini Art Museum leadership.  The Spare Part Olympics was conceived as a fun, interactive yearly event to introduce its educators its latest initiatives and to strengthen their creative reuse skills.  It was […]

Sierra Club Hiking Adventure

  openED SA’s joey lopez phd was able to catch up with the Sierra Club at Friedrich Park on January 21st, 2017.  The Sierra Club hosted two youth groups, Sutton Oaks Academy, from the Sutton Oaks Apartments and House of Teens, from MEYO.  The objective of the day is to give urban youth experiences in […]

Gary Schwartz & openED SA Team u...

Gary Schwartz & openED SA Team up for SA wide Workshops

As reported previously, animator and community advocate, Gary Schwartz was able to make it down to San Antonio, Tx from Detriot, MI to team up with Victor of Sutton Oaks apartments and their youth to create a community based animation piece for Luminaria 2016. joey lopez phd, corresponded with Gary before coming to San Antonio […]

2016 Luminaria Collaboration: Make S...

openED SA is proud to have been able to document a 2106 Luminaria collaboration of Sutton Oaks apartments and academy award nominated animator Gary Schwartz. Sutton Oaks apartments is located in the eastside promise zone (EPN) zipcode, just blocks away from where Luminaria 2016 took place. The collaboration came together when joey lopez phd, openED […]

Pre-K 4 SA – “Walk in our...

WALK IN OUR SHOES It’s not always easy for Pre-K students to tell parents about their daily activities. One way to enlighten parents about their children’s school life is to invite them into the classroom for Pre-K 4 SA’s parent day called “Walk in our Shoes”! This is a day where parents are invited to learn side-by-side and experience […]

Sutton Oaks Kite Day!

So we have been fortunate to work with Sutton Oaks’ apartment community activity director Victor Zuniga and their youth for over 3 months now.  As we have progressed through our workshops we have developed, we have come up with even more.  Kite day was developed by Jeremy Zunker and joey lopez.  They were eating lunch […]

openED SA @ Maker Faire Floresville

We were able to make our way out to the openED SA Maker Faire Floresville on September 16th, 2016.  We were invited by Linda Downs, one of the organizers, to setup a booth and host a workshop.  We chose our stop motion animation workshop and setup two areas to create stop motion works.  We had […]

openED SA tags along with SASTEMIC to...

openED SA’s joey lopez was able to catch up with SASTEMIC in Del Rio, Tx.  For those who are unaware of SASTEMIC, they are a San Antonio based non-profit who’s goal is to provide a “connectary” of STEM related activities and initiatives.  One of their main initiatives is the Geekbus, a bus that is outfitted […]

openED SA visits UTSA

Well joey lopez, Jeremy Zunker and John Frazee made our way over to UTSA’s New Media program for the second week of class to host some openED SA workshops.  What’s cool about piloting workshops is that we get to really test far out ideas.  New Media professor Mark McCoin volunteered his beginners new media class, […]