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OpenED SA Stop Motion at Sarah King Elementary Arts Fair

We were able to make it out to the Sarah King Elementary Arts Festival with the help of spare parts’, Mary Cantu, GA Media’s, Jonathan Guajardo, Sabor Cocina Mexicana’s, Luis Valdez and joey lopez. We presented a stop motion animation station where children created characters using re-use materials to create their own custom animations. In addition, we had a real-time video feedback display using the XBOX Kinect, Apple Quartz Composer, and Resolume Software. We could tell from the smiling and dancing that the students enjoyed interacting with abstracted video of themselves.

This was our first ever STEAM out reach attempt in the community since starting OpenED SA. Overall the event was a huge success. The festival was big and did a wonderful job at displaying the children’s art, facilitating booths like ours, and engaging the community in an amazing way!  Stay tuned for more stories as we pilot STEAM programing around San Antonio.