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Ranking TOP13 Mix Buzsu Arıtma Sit Up Bar Assembled,Multifunction Strengthen T Wholesale Discount

Buying Store Cheap Tools Home Improvement => Building Supplies => Building Materials Ranking TOP13 Mix Buzsu Arıtma Sit Up Bar Assembled,Multifunction Strengthen T Wholesale Discount Mix Buzsu Arıtma Sit Up Bar Assembled,Multifunction Strengthen T Outdoor Grab Rail, Staircase Banister Complete Kit with Gold Met Metal Look: Made of durable and sturdy metal wrought iron moisture-resistant, weatherproof, hardwearing. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Customizable Size: Length: 30cm~600cm. Diameter of water pipe: 3.2cm. Distance to the wall: 7cm. Each bracket supports 200kg, safe enough. Complete Set: Wall Mounted grab bar, heavy duty design, includes Rail parts, Wall Brackets, the mounting screws; allows easy and secure installation at any angle. Safe Support: The handrail can help the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and children to support and balance themselves in the bathroom, kitchen, along stairways, bathroom laundry room, etc. Multipurpose: Perfect for indoors outdoor steps, kitche, lofts attic railing armrest, bathroom handrails, porch garden decking Corridor promenade Support rod grab bar. Product description Size:1 FT The metal wrought iron staircase handrail banister stairs rail support kit is the great safety support handle for family menbers. It is the perfect family mobile and daily living aids assist! Modern and stylish design is perfect in your bathroom, kitchen, along stairways, laundry room or anywhere in your house where a safety rail is required. At the same time, it is also very suitable for kindergartens, garages, underground passages, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other commercial places.- We can customize any size you want for you. If you need any other size, we can customize it for you. if ordering online isn't your thing you can give one of our trained sales team a call and they'll guide you through your purchase to make sure you get something suited to your needs.

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Ranking TOP13 Mix Buzsu Arıtma Sit Up Bar Assembled,Multifunction Strengthen T Wholesale Discount

Mix Buzsu Arıtma Sit Up Bar Assembled,Multifunction Strengthen T
Mix Buzsu Arıtma Sit Up Bar Assembled,Multifunction Strengthen T

  • 1.EQUIPPED With A HIGH-QUALITY ROLLER:After installing the abdominal wheel,hold foam on both sides with and gently push the abdominal wheel.Effectively exercise the muscles of the hands,abdomen and back,Three-wheeled force,Safe and stable。
  • 2.BOTTOM TRAY With STRONG SUCTION FORCE:Increase the thickened suction cup,the suction is stronger and more stable,and it is not easy to loosen,This abdominal wheel is suitable for most floors .Simply pull the handle down and the suction cup will automatically attract to the surface.
  • 3.handle:Multifunction Strengthen Training Abdominal Wheel handleThick ,foam is soft and comfortable,so that the force is better cushioned during exercise
  • 4.ASSEMBLED/REMOVABLE:Hold the sucker with both hands and align it,press down the handles on both sides and the installation ​of the abdominal wheel is completed.When you need to disassemble them,just press the handles up.

Product description


Indoor fitness has become a trend and represents a healthier lifestyle.This abdomen wheel can not only exercise the abdominal muscles,but also exercise the muscles of the hands,feet,buttocks,waist and other parts of the human body.Equipped with yoga mats and tension belts,the abdomen wheel can be disassembled/reinstalled,which is suitable for more exercise scenes.
Name:Abdomen for couples
Scope of application:office,outdoor,home
Applicable scenes:running sports,fitness equipment,health massage,fitness,bodybuilding,cycling sports,extreme peach.
This fitness equipment is designed for abdominal training,so that you can use the right way and get twice the result with half the effort to make your abdomen flat.As long as you continue to use it for 15 minutes every day.
1.Press the suction cup on the ground.
2.Press the handle down when hold the suction cup.
1.Hold the suckers with both hands and align them.
2.Press the suckers inward.
3.Press down with handles on both sides.
4.Installation of abdominal wheel completed.
WHAT YOU GET:1 x Abdominal Wheel,2 x Tension Band,1 x Knee Pad.Please feel free to contact us and we will solve your problem within 24 hours.