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Hi, the cover for this product looks great, and wow is it heavy. The problem for me was the switch itself. When I was installing it I noted the screw leads wobbled a bit. And while installing the light flashed on and off a couple of times (I thought maybe I had not tightened the screws). Then I pushed the button and the door bell would ring once, the light go off, and that was it. If you tried pushing a second time nothing, no light, no ring. As I took it out to see if something was loose the door bell rang a couple of times without pushing the button! I tried three more times, making sure the leads were clean and secured and basically the same problem. Intermittent (usually off) lit switch and intermittent ringing (when pushed and when *not* pushed!).Frustrated I went out and purchased another replacement lit switch. The leads were firm and it continues to work without any problems (stays lit, rings the doorbell each time it is pushed).Amazon made the return of this part easy. Too bad the switch itself was faulty.The product was not exactly what I had in mind in terms of dimensions. The size of the ringer is much smaller and completely not what I envisioned, but that was a rookie mistake on my part for not checking the actual dimensions. I was able to take the bell ringer, drill a whole on a wooden face plate (regular outlet size), and install the bell ringer on top of that. The ringer itself feels very high quality and very smooth when clicked. The project turned out much better than my original vision. Overall, i'm very happy with how the product looks and feels to the touch. Broke upon install due to poor quality and defective design of the button part.After reading reviews, I see others had the same problem.To install this you screw a bracket onto your wall, then push the decorative metal housing onto the bracket,This all works fine and is good quality.Next you screw the wires to the button terminals, and push the button through the metal housing and bracket.The problem is the bracket is a very tight friction fit with the button.As you push in the button, you need to use a lot of force.The problem with this design is that the terminal screws on the button will have to get squeezed through this friction fit.As I was doing this, this pressure caused the button mechanism to break apart into two pieces.One piece with the light bulb, the other with the mechanical switch.The button is made with cheap plastic and no sturdiness, and so easy to separate and break during install.I did nothing wrong during install, as it is necessary to use a fair amount of force to insert the button, the button is just not strong enough. I've installed doorbells before, so I knew what to expect with this one. The fit requires drilling a hole in the wall surface the size of the button casing so that you can tuck the wires inside the hole and still have the face plate flush with the wall. The metal plate that screws to the wall has some tiny prongs that provide tension to hold the button. I bent them slightly inward to provide a good grab, but broke one of them off the first time I did this, so with the rest, I was cautious and worked carefully and slowly with a needle-nosed pliers. It doesn't take much bending inward to provide the necessary tension on the button. The face plate is also held on this way, and sort of snaps into place at completion. I tapped it lightly with a small hammer padded with a cloth so as not to scratch the finish on the plate. By the way, I'm a 70 year old lady, so if I can do this install, so can you. Examine the pieces provided and determine how it fits together and you will have no problems with it. Baldwin is a quality brand.I read several reviews here that said it is difficult to install without breaking it. I did not find that to be the case. Here is how I installed it:(1) Thread wires through the front of the center hole of the metal mounting bracket.(2) Screw in the mounting bracket.(3) Thread wires through the front of the hole of the decorative metal piece.(4) Push metal piece onto the mounting bracket so it is flush against the wall. It is held in place with friction.(5) Attach wires to the button.(6) Push button into the hole. It is held in place with friction.Everything seems solid. I'm not sure what folks are doing to break the plastic. Yes, the contacts may touch the metal mounting bracket as you push the button through it (step 6), but once it's pushed in all the way it won't happen again.As others have mentioned, this bell button needs some space inside the wall.I got a good deal with Amazon Warehouse Deals.My contractor was ready to reinstall my doorbell after bricking my entryway. He suggested I choose a new one, so I went down to my local big box hardware stores and found that neither of them had doorbells in stock. So I went online and found that most doorbells would take a long time to arrive...and I didn't like them...too big, too ornate, too cheap looking. I finally found this doorbell which absolutely perfect. And by chance, is a perfect match for the door handle I had perviously purchased after a long search.I cannot comment on the ease of installment, but my contractor got it in just fine.It's just a doorbell; but I couldn't be happier with my purchase.Pro:Brass is high qualityCons:Inside parts are made of plastic and some cheap metal. When I was securing wires to housing, the plastic came off and when I bent the cheap metal to make sure the plastic would not come off again, it broke. The screws that secure the wires come into contact with the metal housing which grounds it and makes the bell go off until you push it in far enough to get past it. The light bulb stop working due to the several times the plastic came off when trying to secure the wires. Jacksonville Mall MJ2 1 Pc of Fork Seal Kits, Compatible with Honda ST1300 Street Outlet Cheap Online Sale Tools Home Improvement => Electrical => Door Chimes Bells MJ2 1 Pc of Fork Seal Kits, Compatible with Honda ST1300 Street Max 83% OFF This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Rectangular Bell Button Illuminated button brass construction with concealed fasteners Elegant design and smooth finish The product is manufactured in China Package dimensions: 7.8740157480315" L x 4.52755905511811" W x 1.33858267716535" H Product description Rectangular Bell Button Illuminated button brass construction with concealed fasteners. The product is manufactured in China. Baldwin 9BR7015-001 Rectangular Bell Button our global team works 24/7 to explore and explain the changing world around us.

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