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Sale Online UK ZEFS--ESD Boat Meter- 85mm Boat Car Digital GPS Speedometer Odom 60% Off Outlet

Too small pad for the ass protection. I have one Burton brand short also manufactured by GForm, burton has much bigger pad for tail bone protection, two more pads, better fabric feeling more comfortable. See picture.Pros: Excellent fit and feel, good protection for low/med speed sports (lt;20mph or 30kph).Cons: Shorts ripped after a single low-speed fall. The shorts protected my hip from injury, but need replacement after just one incident. (update below - shorts replaced by customer service)UPDATE: After correspondence with G-Form's customer support, they pledged to send a replacement pair of shorts. They feel the damage falls under normal wear and tear, but made an exception due to how recently I'd purchased the product (within a month of damage). I'm still frustrated that a safety product would fail so fast, but a free replacement certainly takes the sting off. Maybe I just fell exactly wrong. I think this is an excellent product to protect against a single significant injury. Afterwards, replacement may be required. That is the price paid for comfort and flexibility, I suppose. Shout out to Kimberly as G-Form customer service for being excellent.(original review below)I'm feeling some frustration with the Pro-X Compression shorts. I had a fall from an E-skate going about 12 mph. I landed on pavement, and the stitching popped free on the leading side of the tailbone armor pad. The shorts did not make direct contact with the ground; I wear them underneath a pair of lightweight pants. I figure I'd rather have the pants rip than the shorts.The pants did not rip, and show minimal wear. The shorts have a hole that's a little smaller than fist-sized. On closer inspection, the fabric of the shorts seems mostly alright, and the pad is unharmed. Instead, the stitching connecting the pad to the fabric seems to have come undone.Having the stitching pop is a lame point of failure in a pair of padded shorts. I ordered the shorts through Amazon, purchased 12/21/19 and delivered 12/28/19. I've only worn them a few times, and they already need replacing. This is the only fall they have taken. The pads worked fine during the fall -- no complaints there -- but they already need replacing. I cannot afford to purchase safety products that can only withstand a single mild/moderate incident.I have contacted G-Form to ask about a way to repair/replace/refurbish these shorts. I appreciate the style and fit of the Pro-X products, and also own the Pro-X knee and elbow pads. I have been recommending them to friends, but I cannot continue to support a product that fails so easily.I always scoffed at the fact of wearing any pads, but now at 31, these have came in pretty clutch. I don't fall a ton...but when I do, it tends to be right on the pointy part of my hip or tailbone from washing out on a trick to either my butt or side (or, slipping out on concrete quarters).The protection on these is definitely MINIMAL, but the padding is in the exact right spots for when you slip out on stuff. Don't get me wrong though, there are lots of parts that are exposed, just the bony bits are covered. So, if you're new to rollerblading, skateboarding, quad skating, whatever....and you're hucking yourself all over the place, you probably will want more protection. I would also say these probably aren't the greatest for mountain biking or snow sports, where the impact amp; speed is much greater. For skateparks and street skating though, they are damn perfect.I tried many other brands that were definitely effective, but felt super restricting and/or looked like I had a diaper on under my pants so they were a no-go. I almost gave up until I found these. These are so comfy, you forget they are on almost instantly and they can't be seen AT ALL (unless you got some skinny skinny skinny jeans), even if you're wearing shorts. I do not even attempt to skate without these on anymore. I bought a second pair, I might even buy a 3rd or 4th.The stitches completely ripped apart on the left hip after taking ONE fall, without sliding. I contacted the company and their warranty does not cover ripped stitches from falls. It's a great lightweight unit that offers minimal protection, but is very comfortable and better than nothing.It's just not worth it to have to replace this after one bad fall.Ate it pretty hard at the skate park and came down on my tailbone, no damage whatsoever nor do I have a bruise. Very comfortable to wear and has already paid for itself in my eyes.After my husband crashed last June on his bike and broke his pelvis, one of the things that hurt for a long time was his hip, right at the side. It was bruised and swollen for a few weeks. These shorts probably would have saved him a lot of pain. He wears them now in case he runs over a hidden firehose again!They fit as expected and are comfortable.There arent many padded areas but the tailbone pad works well from the falls i have had. better build quality than the other g-form products.I’m 34 I started mountain biking last year and this season I got into dirt jumping as well. Broke my tailbone earlier this year so I decided to try these out and I’m glad I did. These have saved my ass (literally) a few times now. I washed out on a berm while wearing these. Landed right on my hip and not a even a bruise. Definitely worth it. Made in the USA and Imported Machine Wash EXCEPTIONAL IMPACT PROTECTION: Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex pads COMFORT AND BREATHABILITY: Moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression fabric keeps wearer dry and comfortable. FLEXIBLE/COMFORTABLE: Mounted on compression fabric that is both breathable amd moisture wicking. The ergonomic design allows for a complete range of movement while also keeping the pad in place at all times EASY CARE: Machine Washable – take them off and throw them in the wash after every use. FOCUSED PROTECTION: Pads protect from impact at the hips and tailbone. Includes built-in cup pocket Product description With impact-absorbing SmartFlex pads shielding from impact at the hips and tailbone, the G-Form Men's Pro-X Shorts provide protection for athletes of all types, whether on the field, on the court, or on the mountains. With impact-absorbing RPT™ pads shielding from impact at the hips, tailbone and thighs, the Men's Pro-X Shorts provide protection for athletes of all types, whether on the field, on the court, or on the mountains. From the manufacturer Key Features And Benefits: PROTECTIVE Advanced material composition hardens on impact - dispersing energy. After impact, pads return to original flexible state. FLEXIBLE G-Form's SmartFlex technology provides protective pads with hinge-like flexibility, allowing uninhibited freedom of motion. LIGHTWEIGHT Industry-leading, low-profile gear that fits like a second skin. It won't weigh you down or restrict motion due to bulk. Key Features And Benefits: BREATHABLE G-Form's ventilated pads have mesh backs and use moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric. SECURE FIT Compression sleeves and silicone grippers ensure your pads stay in place while you're on the field, the trail, in the snow, or wherever you move. WATERPROOF Our SmartFlex process creates a waterproof pad that seals out water and foam-eroding perspiration - and they're machine washable. Clothing, Shoes Jewelry => Sport Specific Clothing => Cycling Ranking TOP8 G-Form Pro-X Padded Compression Shorts - Adult and Youth ZEFS--ESD Boat Meter- 85mm Boat Car Digital GPS Speedometer Odom Sale Online UK ZEFS--ESD Boat Meter- 85mm Boat Car Digital GPS Speedometer Odom 60% Off Outlet we are a team of professionals who are working hard to provide you with the best products at the best prices, delivered to your door as soon as possible.

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Sale Online UK ZEFS--ESD Boat Meter- 85mm Boat Car Digital GPS Speedometer Odom 60% Off Outlet

ZEFS--ESD Boat Meter- 85mm Boat Car Digital GPS Speedometer Odom
ZEFS--ESD Boat Meter- 85mm Boat Car Digital GPS Speedometer Odom

  • Indicating Range:0~999(MPH,Knots,Km/h adjustable)
  • GPS Speedometer Gauge fit for Universal Car,Boat
  • 8 Colors Backlight:Red,Green,Blue,White,Yellow,Kelly,Orange,Purple,you can press the Set button change the backlight
  • Waterproof:IP 65

Product description

Color:White Silver

We will always provide you with our professional advice,as well as satisfactory and fast customer service.
Operating Voltage:9~32V DC
Fixing Dimension:85 mm
SOG-current speed
COG-moving direction
TRIP-mileage for one trip(will become zero after turning off the power)
ODO-cumulative total mileage(cannot be reset)
-Operation mode:LCD display,stepper motor
Package Includes:
1x GPS Speedometer
1x GPS Speed Sensor
1x Multi-plug socket
1x Installation Instruction