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in addition to relying on our own expertise, we gather interviews and data from the best sources around This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Sleep Headphones, Sleep Maskamp;Sports Headband 3 in 1-The Perfect Gift You Must Have , Great Money Life Hacker Saver for you, The Bluetooth Headband lets enjoy music play without having to wear any hard additional headphones and protect you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat, built-in microphone, let's your answering call to be more easy and won't miss any callings. Best for indoor and outdoor activities, Also Great Gift for Your Families, Lovers Or Friends. 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Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Sound-Featuring Updated BLUETOOTH 5.0 technology, stable connectivity and smooth transmission in high speed and long distance with low consumption for great stereo sound experience. Pair with any Smart phone, tablets or other bluetooth device easier and quicker. Updated Batteryamp;Warranty Built-in the premium high-performance battery,updated the capacity from 200mah to 240mah. Charge about 2-2.5 hours provide more than 8 hours playing time, won’t be waked up at night, You can sleep peacefully all night1 YEARS GUARANTY, 100% Refund for 30 DAYS. Product Description Comfy Sleep Headphones and A Cozy Sleep Mask All-in-One. The Wireless Sleep Headphones is a sport headband, bluetooth headphones, also sleep mask, which connect to your phone to listen to your favorite music when you need rest or fall asleep Anytime Anywhere, Perfect for cozy night. Can't fall asleep without listening to something or you are used to wake up in the night tangled up in your phone? 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Sleep Headphones,Bluetooth 5.0 Headband Wireless Music Sport Hea Discounted On Sale 100% JINYISI Car Outside Exterior Door Handle, Fit for Honda Civic EK Discounts For Shop JINYISI Car Outside Exterior Door Handle, Fit for Honda Civic EK Discounts Sale Online USA Electronics => Headphones => Over-Ear Headphones The media could not be loaded.  This bluetooth headphones headband is perfect for sleep and exercise. When they arrived I pulled them out of the box and charged them for 2 hours. Easily connected to my android phone. The fabric is great and while exercising it does kind of wick the sweat away.All buttons are easily accessible in the front, the headphone speakers are in a channel withing the headband so you can adjust them to where you want them.I used these the first night when I went to bed, I am a side sleeper and usually end up not being able to listen to music because headphone and ear buds hurt my ears; but with this headband i couldn't even really tell they were there. The headband did not shift around and was still playing when i woke up 8 hours later.When I took my nightly walk I of course grabbed the headband instead of my wireless earbuds. I enjoyed being able to walk at the pace i am used to without having to check my earbuds every so often. The headband stayed in place. I could listen to my music and still be able to hear traffic in the area. There is a built in microphone, so you can answer calls, I don't know where the microphone is, but it works extremely well and I didn't get background echo complaints from anyone I talked too.The media could not be loaded.  So amazed with this headphones, I have been exercising, running, riding bike , and these are amazing they stayed on my head don’t come off, the speakers quality is 100% great quality, they sound sooo good , I love them to go to sleep too, because they are so comfortable and don’t bother my head while laying down. And helps me keep my brain relax because of listening to my favorite music , as result I go to sleep faster.Item received is not what’s pictured. I ordered this as opposed to similar ones, because the speakers were flush allowing it to be used as a sleep mask. This item’s speakers protrude and hang below your ears if used as a sleep mask. I thought this was an error, received a replacement which was identical. However, sound quality was really good. Guess I’ll keep it.... disappointed I can’t use as a sleep mask - but will use at the gym. NOTE: they’re very comfortable with excellent sound quality.These sleep headphones are awesome. I bought them because I have sleep problems. I can’t sleep and need to have the tv on at night or some type of noise... I hate complete quiet. But my husband is the opposite. He hates noise! So I have tried sleeping with headphones in but they fall out or hurt. I couldn’t wait to try them when they came yesterday! I pugged then in for a couple hours and then at bedtime hooked them to my Bluetooth. The placement of the earbuds was perfect to my ears, the band was the perfect size, not too loose or too tight. I slept like a baby and so did my husband! The battery lasted all night for me, which was over 12 hours! I will be using these every night!!!I need to listen to podcasts, boring audiobooks, or guided meditations to help me fall asleep. Earbuds are not comfortable to swear sleeping, especially if you are a side sleeper. Also, I’m a headphone junkie. I have many pairs, some quire expensive and some inexpensive. I have always worried i would lose an earbud while sleeping. Then I also worried that I might strangle myself if not using Bluetooth devise. Found these one day while surfing for yet another pair but wanted these specifically for sleep. Voila! Ordered this sleep band and arrived sooner than I expected. They were already charged when they arrived. Blue tooth connectivity was simple. Perhaps the simplest pairing of any device I’ve used. Successful pairing, easy to wear and best of all no fears of strangling or losing an air bud. No pain in ear. Sound quality was better than expected. On top of that , they are washable! Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!I have used many sleep headphones - probably five or six over the past two years, looking to find something comfortable. I finally hit the jackpot. In the past I have gone with wired versions using my Kindle to listen to meditations, etc. Since Bluetooth has never really worked well with my Kindle, when I received these headphones I moved to my iPhone. WOW! The sound is so much better, I have to turn the volume way down on my phone so I don't blow my ears out. I've had to purchase an alarm clock because I couldn't hear my alarm go off. I sleep with them on listening to relaxation sounds and meditations, then on weekends I get up and change to Audible books while a do housekeeping chores. After the first full charge I usually start listening to them at 9 pm and on a weekend I put them on a charge between noon and 2 pm and they're still going strong. They are so comfortable that I've paused my book to talk to my son, he's asked me to take him to the store, and I've left the house wearing them forgetting I've had them on.One reviewer said they were so easy to pair up her grandmother could do it. I responded that I'm probably old enough to be her grandmother, and I figured it out right away, so there were no problems with that. I didn't even read the directions.I have had this item more than a month now, and I am completely satisfied with it. There is nothing to improve.I rarely ever leave negative reviews, but this is just not acceptable at all. I cant comment on the quality of the product, because the item I received it obviously USED, and I refuse to put it on my face.I've attached pictures showing that the seal on the box was open, the USB charger cord was rewrapped in dirty loose fitting plastic, and the band itself is dirty, wrinkled and stretched out - very apparent that it has been worn before.Sad.

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Discounted On Sale 100% JINYISI Car Outside Exterior Door Handle, Fit for Honda Civic EK Discounts For Shop

JINYISI Car Outside Exterior Door Handle, Fit for Honda Civic EK
JINYISI Car Outside Exterior Door Handle, Fit for Honda Civic EK

  • @Durable material, long service life: using ABS high-quality material, cold and heat resistant, avoid thermal expansion and contraction, ensure structural integrity and long service life.
  • @Matching Appearance-This door handle is specially designed with the same appearance and function as the original handle of a specific vehicle.
  • @Higher quality original equipment
  • @Ensure suitability-this handle is vehicle-specific, so please double check whether your handle is in the same position and side as the vehicle to be replaced.
  • @Easy to install-easy to install and replace directly, saving your precious time

Product description

Color:One Set 4pcs

Product name: car door handle
Product material: ABS plastic
Product color: as shown
Product packaging: 1 set* car door handle
Applicable models: Fit For Honda Civic EK3 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

The door handle of the car is made of high-quality materials, resistant to cold and heat, avoiding thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring a complete structure and long service life