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Best Online Wholesale ASIERY Multi-Tool Kitchen Organizer Kitchen Storage Cabinet Floo Tulsa Mall

♬HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: made of steel titanium alloy, after strict manual adjustment and precise hand cutting by craftsmen, the steel tongue drum can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound. It can relieve stress and bring relaxation to your life. The protective paint can prevent rust, abrasion and scratches. Extend life, enjoy music in all seasons. ♬INGENUITY CRAFTSMANSHIP:The diameter of the steel drum is 15CM, and the thickness of the drum body is 9CM. The Ethereal Drum has gone through 36 processes and 12 times of tuning. It meets the requirements of the band's performance and has excellent sound quality. There are 3 rubber feet on the back of the drum body to isolate the drum body ultrasonically to keep the drum body upright ,not shake. the tone is perfect. Addictive sound, cheap and affordable, suitable for everyone who likes music! ♬PERSONALIZED CUSTOMIZATION:This tambourine is different from other similar products on the market. Our brand provides personalized free customization and engraving services. After you place the order, you can send it to us by email, telling you the name of the engraving, and you will get a meditation drum for yourself. As a holiday, birthday gifts have a unique meaning.There are so many colors and styles to satisfy all your ideas, you must have it! ♬EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY:This 6-inch steel tongue drum small size and easy to carry. it has standard C notes, the most basic 8 notes. A manual is included with the product, so you can easily learn to play an instrument. The beautiful tone makes the listener more likely to resonate. There are many ways to play drums. You can tap with your hands to get a soft sound. Fingertips can help you play different sounds. In addition, the echo generated by croquet will be more permeable and ethereal. ♬WIDELY USED:This tongue drum emits pure and soothing notes, helping to relieve stress and enjoy the beauty of relaxation. It is widely used in children's music education, yoga practice, Zen, spiritual rehabilitation, religious activities, personal meditation, and Zen tea for health. It is also suitable for small concert performances, kindergarten children teaching, music therapists, etc. It is also perfect as a unique music gift, and your family, friendswill also like it very much! Product description Color:Red The steel drum of this professional brand is strictly controlled by the craftsman. After 36 processes and 12 tunings, the sound quality reaches the best. It can emit a clean, soft sound. Reduce stress and bring relaxation to your life. This product is excellent, economical, basic C key, easy to learn and play 8 notes, small size and easy to carry, it is also the best gift for children and adult music lovers! ●Product name: Creative 6-inch 8-note steel drum (C key) ●Material: Steel ●Size: 15CM in diameter, 9CM in height / 6 inches ●Color: 10 colors ●Products include: Steel tongue drum X1 Drumstick X2 Finger Cots X1 Handbag X1 Sticker X1 Tutorial book X1 ● Function: You can engrave your name for free and become an exclusive gift! ● Note: 1. Due to different display and lighting effects, the actual color may be slightly different from the image 2. Due to manual measurement, please allow a deviation of 1cm 3. Musical instrument products are transported through international logistics. If it is damaged, please take a picture and send an email. We will always provide you with the best solution. Musical Instruments => Drums Percussion => Concert Percussion Adults Steel Tongue Drums 6 Inch 8 Note Instrument, Kids Hand Dr we keep trying various possibilities and challenging all limits. Best Online Wholesale ASIERY Multi-Tool Kitchen Organizer Kitchen Storage Cabinet Floo Tulsa Mall Free Shipping On Sale For ASIERY Multi-Tool Kitchen Organizer Kitchen Storage Cabinet Floo

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Best Online Wholesale ASIERY Multi-Tool Kitchen Organizer Kitchen Storage Cabinet Floo Tulsa Mall

ASIERY Multi-Tool Kitchen Organizer Kitchen Storage Cabinet Floo
ASIERY Multi-Tool Kitchen Organizer Kitchen Storage Cabinet Floo

  • Material: 304 stainless steel, black and white stainless steel paint material, optional. Round corners won't hurt your hand.
  • Removable drain pan design: detachable flushing drain pan at the bottom for easy cleaning and bacteriostatic ventilation
  • stand by.
  • Tool storage: It can store all types of tools with different sizes and specifications, with clear classification and convenient access.
  • Classified storage: multi-regional classification and storage, orderly and convenient, easy to use, to meet your different needs

Product description

【Notes and use】

After prolonged use, there will be surface marks on the surface of the iron frame, which can be removed by wiping with wax.

【about that product】

1: Product dimensions are measured by hand and may have an error between 0.1 and 0.5 cm.

2: Due to the loss of the production process, the weight of the product may have an error of less than 5%.

3: The pictures are taken in kind, but due to the light and the display, the picture you see may have slight chromatic aberration, which is inevitable, please forgive me!

4.We only sell shelves that do not contain shelves, chopsticks, dishes, etc.

【about after sales】

1: Please check the integrity of the package before signing the item and verify the quantity and quality of the product. If you have any problems, please contact us in time for easy handling!

2: If you find the quality of the product after receiving the goods, please contact us in time to register and handle the integrity of the product packaging, we can provide you with a free return service, such as non-quality problems returned by the buyer to bear the freight return.