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Ranking TOP5 Buckle-Down Cat Collar Breakaway Leopard Black 8 to 12 Inches 0. 1 year warranty

4 BOTTLES, 120 CHEWABLES: These chewable probiotic tablets for kids have a fruity berry flavor everyone loves. MULTI STRAIN SUPPORT WITH ADDED FIBER: Diversity in strains promote a balanced amp; healthy digestive system for your child and the added fiber feeds the probiotics for multifaceted support! SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE amp; IMMUNE HEALTH: Helps with gas, bloating, constipation, digestive upset, diarrhea amp; immune support.* NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made in the USA, Non-GMO, Free of the 8 Major Allergens, No Sugar. Our proprietary formula uses only the best ingredients determined by our researchers to provide optimal benefits to children. LOVEBUG - THE TRUSTED NAME IN PROBIOTICS : Created by a mom, for moms amp; trusted by moms everywhere, our staged-line of probiotics has you covered for the whole family. All of our products are third-party tested and manufactured in cGMP registered facilities to the highest quality standards. Product Description Listen Up, Mama... It may feel like your little one is coming down with an upset tummy more and more often, but listen carefully, because it’s not your fault… No mommy shaming here! With the increase in not only prescribed antibiotics for kids, but the antibiotics found in many meat products, environmental toxins, and our modern diet, full of high-sugar, low fiber foods, your child’s digestive health is taking a real hit. Plus, as most moms know, even if we do our best to make sure our kids wash their hands, their hygiene isn’t always the best… Things like chronic stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, and a weakened immune system are all signs that your kid’s digestive health needs attention. But here’s the good news –– with a good probiotic supplement that’s been formulated just for a modern-day kid’s needs, frequent tummy troubles can be a thing of the past. A quality kid's probiotic can help repopulate your little one’s digestive system with a balance of good bacteria that go to work fast. Just imagine the difference in your child’s health once they begin to experience better nutrient absorption, more regular bathroom visits, and a stronger immune system. Parenting isn't always easy. Choosing a probiotic for your child should be. Happy Tummies, Healthy Kids Help your kids feel better from the inside out. Safe and Gentle, specifically formulated for kids Supports your child's growing digestive and immune health Delicious natural berry flavor kids love Non-GMO, Vegan, with no artificial flavors or colors Free of the 8 Major Allergens; No refrigeration needed Why LoveBug Is a Notch Above The Rest Yummy Berry Flavor Shelf Stable Natural Made in the USA LoveBug Grows with You! Probiotics are something your child should take on a daily basis, but it should be noted that it takes time to build up a healthy army of good bacteria in the gut and it’s important to keep taking them long-term to maintain digestive health. Tiny Tummies Chew On This Little Ones Age 1 -4 years Kids 3+ Kids 4+ Dosage Form Pre-portioned stick packs, flavorless Chewable tablets, berry flavored Easy to swallow amp; chewable spheres, orange flavored Support Daily digestive amp; immune support Daily digestive amp; immune support Daily digestive amp; immune support w/ added fiber Strains 8 strains w/ 15 Billion CFU 6 strains w/ 10 Billion CFU 5 strains w/ 3 Billion CFU *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The contents of this website are not medical advice and are intended for general knowledge and informational purposes only. Buckle-Down Cat Collar Breakaway Leopard Black 8 to 12 Inches 0. I was giving these to my two children. One age 11 and the other age 8. My 11 year old has suffered from constipation for years from a very young age. Miralax prescribed by her ped was the worst thing I could have done to my child. She went from happy go lucky, confident, and optimistic to severely afraid of being alone and dying. She would have irrational fears of food and water. Her personality changed to that of a very fearful and panicked child. She was suffering from extreme anxiety and panic. Her ped pushed for a higher dose of Miralax stating it was all in her head and she was still backed up. Well she ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration and malnutrition. She was starving to death and she didn’t know why she was fearing food. All this at the age of 8! That is when I was convinced it was the Miralax! After stopping that poison that is PEG 3350, I have worked tirelessly to restore her gut health and keep her regular. Gut health is 100% linked to mental health! I have tried so many different kinds of children’s probiotics and these have so much more CFU’s than most, at a reasonable price! My 8 year old did not tolerate these very well as I believe the Xylitol in them caused her, stomach upset the next day, every time after taking one of these. My 11 year old who is the one that needs probiotics, hasn’t had any issues with these probiotics and has been having bowel movements every day. I will continue buying these probiotics since they work! And I’m still hopeful that my daughter’s mental and emotional issues caused my Miralax years ago will continue to dissipate. If they cause your child stomach upset, blame the Xylitol.I've been happy with love bugs infant probiotics, so I decided to try these. Didn't realize it has a lot of added ingredients though. Long story short, three pediatric visits later I figured out it was this probiotic that was making my 4-year-old's stomach hurt. She had pain most mornings upon waking too. She was on it for a couple weeks at this point and had done well with other probiotic brands, so I didn't think it was related. Stopped it, and sure enough, the pain stopped. 0 later in pediatric bills..... Not happy. I understand there's an adjustment period for all probiotics, but this seemed to perpetually make her feel bad. Steer clear.I started my son, who has a rare disorder that also causes tummy issues, on the 12 mo through 4yr probiotics that you mix into food or drink. That one worked amazing as I saw a difference in his stools immediately. He actually was hospitalized for a distended tummy and threw up what seemed like 2 weeks of food that just sat there. Started him on those and never had that issue again. Well he is 4 now and I ordered the tablets for 4 and up, and they are not making a difference the way the 12mo through 4 was. I am so disappointed. I loved this brand. I feel probiotics in chewable tablet form are not as effective, because research even shows that a lot of the probiotics don't even get to where they need to be in the gut to work. I'm off to try a different brand, Kid Culturelle, because they have the mix in drink ones for his age.This is a miracle in a bottle! Sounds a little weird but honestly I thank God for this product. Ever since my son was 6 months old he's struggled with ear infections. Finally this year in February he had tubes put in and was better. But all these antibiotics messed with his digestive system and soon after the ear infections stopped, severe constipation kicked in. So severe that potty training was a nightmare and he refused to even pee. My mother in law suggested a probiotic and after reading hundreds of reviews, this is the one we tried. Honestly, it worked right away. I started these on May 1st 2020 and my son has had a bowel movement everyday since then. I was amazed on how fast they worked and that he actually doesn't mind chewing them. My son just turned 3 May 31st. The bottle says 4 and up but I think it's due to kids choking who can't chew. They helped him become regular. Also since these, there have been no issues with potty training. It's been a month now since my son has worn a pullup! He is excited to use the potty and actually tells me when he has to poop. I strongly recommend these to any parent that is having this issue. I was not paid to write this review nor am I associated with the company. I would give this 10 stars if I could! We are on the subscription every month to be sure my son stays comfortable. This is not a laxative, this simply helps his body get things moving like it should!So thankful for this company and their quality products. After avid research B. infantis is a KEY probiotic MISSING from over 90% of infants ... it is increasingly linked to development of the infant immune system, protecting of the infant intestinal tract from potentially dangerous bacteria as well as lower incidence of common childhood conditions like colic, inflammation and is essential in breaking down and absorbing human breast milk.Long story short, my ASD 22 month old start this along with two other probiotics and immediately started having non Diarrhea poops.We crush the tablet and mix it with elderberry juice and a few other liquid supplements and he takes it via syringe daily in the AM like candy.Our 4 y/o chews hers and likes the flavor and she is regular now 1-2 times a day, perfect “snake” poops.Kids never get sick and we are blessed to be a household free from sickness for over a year now. This company/products and high dose Liposomal C, D3/K2 and zinc picconate are are staples.My son is 4, almost 5 and he has struggled with severe constipation. Several hospital and doctor visits to only be told miralax or other medications. Nothing...I mean NOTHING helped. He was so scared to go to the bathroom and it was a constant struggle between actual constipation and fear. I tried the LoveBug kids probotics and let me tell you....I will forever be a customer. These probotics literally changed our lives for the better. My son now can poop with ease and he goes on his own. No more battles. He loves the taste and has a bowel movement daily.If you have any concerns with your kiddos bowel movements then you absolutely need these probotics in your life! our shop take great pride in providing our customers with leading edge products at prices to fit any budget! Ranking TOP5 Buckle-Down Cat Collar Breakaway Leopard Black 8 to 12 Inches 0. 1 year warranty Discount With High Quality Health Household => Diet Sports Nutrition => Supplements Lovebug Kids Probiotics, 120 chewables – 10 Billion CFU with L G

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Ranking TOP5 Buckle-Down Cat Collar Breakaway Leopard Black 8 to 12 Inches 0. 1 year warranty

Buckle-Down Cat Collar Breakaway Leopard Black 8 to 12 Inches 0.
Buckle-Down Cat Collar Breakaway Leopard Black 8 to 12 Inches 0.

  • Breakaway cat collar fits 8-12" neck size and is 1/2 inch wide
  • This cat collar features beautiful, original artwork and durable components
  • The collar is made from high-density polyester and a plastic clip which is over engineered in thickness, ensuring it will hold up to whatever your pet can dish out
  • This product is handcrafted in the USA by Buckle-Down and is officially licensed by Buckle-Down
  • Matching leads/leashes available

Product description

This cat collar features beautiful, original artwork and durable components. The collar is made from high-density polyester and a plastic clip which is over engineered in thickness, ensuring it will hold up to whatever your pet can dish out. This product is Made in the USA by Buckle-Down And officially licensed by Buckle-Down.