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Music For The Maases Editorial Reviews Dance: 'music for the Maases' is Timo's Retrospective Production Anthology. It Takes in Older and Seriously Overlooked Moments Like 'killin Me' While Keeping the Vibes Banging and Up to Date with 'der Schieber' and 'dooms Night'. Discounts Outlet In Search of the Last Action Heroes we buy direct from an ever expanding network of chinese wholesale manufacturers so we can keep costs low while maintaining the highest of standards. While Timo Maas has been criticized for creating DJ mix CDs that aren't on the same level as the best in the business, he still manages to create soundscapes that get your head bobbing, toes tapping, and body moving. By the time you get to Timo Maas's own "Schieber 1" on disc 2, if you're not moving, you're either sleeping or dead. I've heard the same things said from multiple reviewers about Paul Van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold (great producers, bad DJs), but there's very little denying that PvD's "Vorsprung Dyk Technik" (disc 1) or Oakenfold's "Resident" have set off that all-important dance response in people that hear them. And if there's anyone who have been lucky enough to hear PvD's live mixes at Homelands or Berlin (or LA for New Years Eve 2000), they know what "producer" guys like this are capable of.Getting back to Timo Maas, however, there are some transitions that will make you go, "Huh?" (one of them occurs between tracks 5 and 6 on disc 2, which simply don't want to blend with each other at all), but for the most part, this is a solid showcase for Maas' own work, his remixes, and other assorted vinyl that he likes to spin. Solid.d two thumbs up bThey should be ashamed of themselves. This is a collection of rhythm tracks. No particular sense of melody, no development, nothing but repetitive tone generators. I sent my copy to the garbage dump.Can an artist be too successful? In this case, for prolific German producer Timo Maas quite possibly. Not that anyone paid attention to him during his hard techno days, but now - with a slight change to the formula - you need two or three bandwagons to haul all his admirers and the cash flowing his way. Maas makes "wet and hard" music, and I suppose when you release your tracks literally hundreds of times to compilations worldwide you're entitled to label it accordingly. His secret for success comes from mixing genres; funky and twisted sounds for the house DJ's, enough bang and raw energy for the techno fans and ravers, with just enough rhythm for daring trance spinners to slip into their peak hours.This mix album rounds up the two dozen hits and remixes cranked out in the past year or so, and make no mistake, these are some blockbusters. The swirling funk of ubiquitous "Dooms Night" yanks your head into motion immediately, with no let up through blistering churners like "Riding on a Storm" or "Der Scherber," melodic fare like Lustral's "Everything," or the playful clatter of Green Velvet's voyeur romp "Flash."It's a quality album, even if those who follow the scene will probably have all this. Like the Editorial Review above says, Timo is definitely the man of the moment. It is almost impossible to pick up a hard trance DJ mix CD without at least one of his tracks on it. Listen to this CD and you will find out why DJs love the guy. If you like hard, dirty trance, BUY THIS CD - you will not be disappointed. Disc One is by far the better disc, although I start it at the second song, the first track is pretty annoying. The Muse and Mad Dogs tracks have some funky breakbeats goin' on, and then the Jan Driver track gets things really going in the hard trance style Timo has perfected over recent years. The disc ends with his remix of Green Velvet's "Flash" which is an absolutley slammin' track with hilarious vocal samples (e.g. "There's little Johnny and Miss Sue, smokin' on a joint, now this is not the thing to do . . ."). Judging by the other reviews posted before mine, I am not alone in thinking this is the best track.The second disc isn't quite as good, but still better than a lot of stuff out there. The last few tracks show some diversity, though, and have more of a downtempo vibe. Overall, this is a stellar compilation of (mostly) Timo's work - the few tracks on here that aren't wither produced or remixed by Timo obviously reflect his aesthetic. If he would have put "Ubik" on here instead of the first track, I'd give it six stars. As the title says "Vol. One," I can only hope there's more to come.I was very excited about this release; to my dismay it was... unfullfilling. The CDs would have been better off being tracks NOT mixed into one another, such as many PVDs and the recent Hybrid. Timo Maas have now proven internationally that he is not a good DJ; he is a great producer. Maas' tracks and remixes should only be found throughout other compilations and sets by fellow artists, not his own "DJ Mix" CD.There is no sense to the order of tracks that were selected. It starts off with "Dooms Night" (his remix of course) good track but for an opening track? not as track01, maybe during a live set when you are following another DJ. Onto to more remixes and produced works. "Jan Driver" is good. And of course "Der Schieber" will be thrown in there (it was one his bigger tracks as a producer) Disc01 goes from track to track in no real order, it comes across sloppy and then ends abrubtly with "Flash". Once again, a good track, but as a closing to a CD? WTF? Disc02 is slightly better - track wise, with a new "Lustral" (vocals this time around) "Annihilate", amp; "Supertransonic". To end the CD, there are two versions of "Mama Konda" so track09 ends as if the CD was; and then track10 comes in and out alone.As said before, the track selection has no sense. Timo Maas does hold the talent, skill and know how to produce great works. But when a CD is created to this poor caliber when it comes to mixing skills, track order, and altogether style to replicate a "set" it comes across as an obvious money maker without much effort than putting tracks out that have been tagged Timo Maas produced/remixed. You are better off buying what you normally do, Maas singles/records and so on will found on there. Mixed in and selected in a better order, timing and such for a better set equivalent by experienced skilled DJs. As far as i am concerned..... this 2xCD is TOO much Maas and not enough "DJ". Outlet Discounts Sale In Search of the Last Action Heroes Ranking TOP10 CDs Vinyl => Dance Electronic => Trance

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Outlet Discounts Sale In Search of the Last Action Heroes Ranking TOP10

In Search of the Last Action Heroes
In Search of the Last Action Heroes


Editorial Reviews

A documentary detailing the action genre over the past 50 years from the early westerns to the contemporary movies of today. We explore the story behind the ‘80s action genre many consider the golden era and how it changed come the 90s and saw its decline and eventual rise as we witnessed the old stars of the 1980s make a comeback. We examine how studios were able to turn outrageous concepts into genre-defining tropes, and how the one-man-army sub-genre produced the superstars of the era. Matrix, Rambo, McClane, Ripley, Connor, Dutch - the power of their stories excited and inspired a generation of action enthusiasts. Locked and loaded with nostalgia, ‘80s synth music and exclusive interviews detailing the genre, speaking to the actors, writers, directors, producers and composers who helped influence and shape the films we grew up on.