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Wholesale Online Discount Store Loaded pickguard Loaded Prewired Pickguard with Alnico Pickups V Max 89% OFF

Wholesale Online Discount Store Loaded pickguard Loaded Prewired Pickguard with Alnico Pickups V Max 89% OFF These red pepper flakes taste delicious. I can actual tell the difference between these are others you get with take-out pizza or calzones (in the little packets). These have a bright, fresh flavor. If you want more heat, you'll need to go with a different species of pepper, or simply add more of these.My only gripe is with the plastic cap top. The holes are too small for flakes to come out of, so you have to open the little flip-top valve. Hard to described, but it's a little piece of plastic you can open with a small screwdriver or a finger nail (if you're lucky), and you must open it each time manually if you plan on screwing the cap back on. I'm thinking about just cutting the plastic tab and always pouring the flakes out through that one larger hole.Anyway, the flavor is more important, and these taste great.Better deal than buying at the grocery store. These are good red pepper flakes. I like that they are nice flat "flakes" and not crushed "bits," if that makes sense. I think they have a good flavor--one reviewer said they were too mild, but I haven't noticed that (and I like heat).Another reviewer mentioned that the holes in the shaker are too small, which I agree is an annoyance. With most spices I just pull the shaker insert off and throw it away (since I'm usually using a measuring spoon anyway), but red pepper flakes are the kind of thing that you want to be able to shake out rather than be always scoop/measure.I found a serendipitous workaround. When I ordered this, I was just finishing a bottle of McCormick crushed red pepper--the kind with a red cap that flips up to shake. I tried the McCormick top on the Simply Organic bottle and lo and behold, it was a perfect fit. So if you happen to have a McCormick bottle with a flip-top shaker lid, hang onto that lid and swap it out. These red pepper flakes are definitely better than the McCormick ones (in my experience McCormick spices are generally inferior).Hi, all of the Frontier products thus far have been of stellar quality, period. Large glass bottle, clean full bodied taste. I am re-stocking my spices and going all organic. Every one of the spices purchased so far have been beautiful and so flavorful, who knew there could be such a difference from the normal store bought product over to these Frontier products. I am so sold, never going back, ever, unless I grow my herbs and spices myself, this is the only way to go. Store the larger quantity amounts in your airtight canning jars for safekeeping.Love this brand and all their products.I have to agree with the other reviewers on here: there isn't that much kick to this crushed pepper.For those that like their food spicy, this is a 5 out of 10 on the spice meter. Thai chilis would be a 9. I think this is meant for the average person who likes an average level of spice.If you want to enjoy spicy foods, start building up your tolerance with this bottle of crushed red pepper. When you shake the boytle the holes in top are too small to let the flakes out These are some of the better crushed red pepper I have bought in a while. I gave it a 3 for value, because it could be a little cheaper Tastes OK, but somehow not as hot as most non-organic crushed red pepper found in every supermarket. So if you are looking to add some heat to your food, you may want to keep searching for something else or in addition to this item.Bonus: Comes in a great glass bottle with metal lid (aluminum?) that's easily sterilized and re-purposed after it's you've finished the pepper flakes.Product: Great chili flakes. 5 starsPackaging: Holes are too small, so you open the wide mouth and too many flakes come out. 2 starsPrice: How did this go from .88 to .56? Eight bucks for some chili flakes? 2 stars Loaded pickguard Loaded Prewired Pickguard with Alnico Pickups V Cheap Sale Save 81% Simply Organic Crushed Red Pepper, Certified Organic | 1.59 oz | like those who shop at our shop the team behind the company is energetic, open-minded and appreciates how fashion can form part of a modern lifestyle. We're serious about flavor potency. In every bottle, you get earthy, tomato-like chili flavor that packs a serious POW of heat. Seeds kept in for an even fuller effect. Flakes with deep, healthy brick-red color that let you know it’s fresh. Certified Organic 1.59 ounces Product description Size:1.59 Ounce (Pack of 1) A must for Mexican and African cooking, chili flakes will liven up any dish. Use sparingly in marinara and pizza sauces, and on grilled vegetables and meats. Chilies can be irritating to the eyes and skin, so handle with caution. The botanical name of this product is capsicum annuum var. Annuum l. It is originated from china and qai organic, ksa (Kosher) certified. Frontier natural products co op specializes in natural and organic products. Our products are found in natural products stores and specialty shops throughout the United States and Canada. By offering easy access to high quality, competitively priced choices that are socially responsible, frontier seeks to lead the way in bringing nature and peace of mind to our customers. As a leading supplier of organic herbs and spices, we hold a leadership position, not only in the marketplace, but also in the effort to convert food producers to sustainable farming and production practices. From the manufacturer Grocery Gourmet Food => Pantry Staples => Herbs, Spices Seasonings

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Wholesale Online Discount Store Loaded pickguard Loaded Prewired Pickguard with Alnico Pickups V Max 89% OFF

Loaded pickguard Loaded Prewired Pickguard with Alnico Pickups V
Loaded pickguard Loaded Prewired Pickguard with Alnico Pickups V

    This fits your .
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Staggered pole piece pickups are quality vintage warm and brightness sound with Alnico 5 magnets.
  • Pickups Resistance: Neck 6.0K 4.0H; Middle 6.0K 4.0H; Bridge 6.4K 4.5H (+/- 10% error).
  • Pickups Pole Spacing: 50mm (Neck) ; 50mm(Middle) ; 52mm(Bridge).
  • Loaded with pre-wired guards, the perfect guitar guard kit, helps to produce clear and bright sound.
  • Prewired Loaded Pickguard can effectively protect your guitar from scratches. Rugged and durable, ensuring long-term use.

Product description

Excellent workmanship, perfect DIY guitar parts, suitable for guitar lovers, students or bands.
Easy to install, without any difficult steps. Rugged and durable structure, high-quality pickups, bring bright and clear tones.
250K pots and 5 way converter
Please note the pickguard screws are not included!

Product packaging:
Loaded Pickguard x 1
1 White Pearl P Bass Pickguard