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100% High Quality Gọlden Pọthọs Clearance Discount Online

Gọlden Pọthọs aiding us in our endeavour is the relationship we have with our customers. to enhance this we encourage them to give us their views and engage in a dialogue with us at our website, also serves as a channel for us to highlight new arrivals and promotions. I bought these bulbs a while back to replace the heater control lights in a 08 RAM 1500. They worked very well then so based on that I recently purchased more to replace a bulb that went out behind the instrument cluster and figure since the old ones were incandescent I'd replace all in the instrument cluster bulbs at the same time. The things to note because this is white unlike the yellowish stock bulbs light it will make the dash lights appear blue instead of green, just like the heater controls. Honestly it looks much better this way. My problem however was one bulb I got was DOA, and after about a week after being installed I have one bulb behind the fuel gauge that goes on and off intermittently. So like the title states they're good when they work. Another note is because LEDs are polarity sensitive so you may have to try the bulbs in both directions to see if they are in working order.Replaced the cluster gauge bulbs in a 2008 Ram 2500. 5 out of the 6 made contact with the electric. Thought one was doa but it works when tested off the battery, just didn't contact the metal back of the gauge. I marked each LED so I could tell which direction I was placing it in---there are no pos or neg marks on the back of the bulbs. Had to spin a few around to get them to work. Now I can see the gauges after dark where before there was no light at all. If they last, I will purchase more. Installed on my speedometer bezel. None of them worked. Maybe it is because I didn’t order enough and mixed incadecent bulbs with these. I don’t know. I even rotated them and nothing. I will order another set as that may be the issue. If they end up working, I’ll upgrade the rating. I bought another set from another manufacturer for my center console lighting, and those worked. Do not attempt to buy these for a climate control module for 2004 Chrysler Town amp; Country Mini van. The square head of these LED lamps will not fit through the round opening of the circuit board, even though I filtered the search results for only those lamps that would fit this exact vehicle, and it said it will fit. They won't for that purpose. No... I wasn't about to try and modify the circuit board to make them fit either!!! Returning them and very unsatisfied, as now I have to order others and this will be the 3rd time I've had this module out of vehicle and apart to try and replace these bulbs.Hard to get to fit into the sockets on my 2004 Ram 1500 I stripped the slot in the back of the led bracket out trying to get it to seat properly. Ended up pulling these out and going back with oem bulbs base needs some tweaking in manufacturing process because it doesn't fit right.Update 2/21/16 I tried to install these LED bulbs again and was successful this time. They do have a bit of a blue tint to them and they are harder to install than the OEM bulbs due to the thickness of the base. They do look good once in place have to be careful not to torque it too hard and press down firmly while turning. I ordered the White bulbs but think the bright white (read bluish-white) LEDs made my instrument cluster look blue. It is more noticeable than in my picture I will post. the odometer is still green. It isn't bad just not the original green. The bulbs wiggle around when installing and seemed to small, but once they are in they seem to be set. I have been running the bulbs for over a month with no issues.Note: it apparently matters how the bulbs are installed. If they don't work the first time, take it out rotate it 180 degrees and then reinstall. It worked for me on two bulbs. You basically have a 50/50 chance of getting it right the first time. :)Update: Star to 4 (from 3) The price makes it worth another star. I neglected to take that into consideration. OEM style bulbs are crazy expensive. This do well at lighting the heater controls on my 97 Jeep Wranlger. Old bulbs were dim and hard to see. These are much brighter and create a nice glow. I have 4 extra as the controls only use 2 lights. I would suggest these to others and would purchase them again. We will see how they do over time. The spring clips that hold them in need to be tighter as they are not tight when twisting them into the rail that holds them. These are nice and bright. I cant that say they are brighter than working stock bulbs, as my stock bulbs were all burnt out. I do like them good value for the money. cciyu 6 Pack T4.7 Neo Wedge A/C Climate Heater Control Light Ins This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Surface Finish: bright Red T5 T1.25" Neo Wedge Base. Compatible socket bulb number:T5 - 79607-SHJ-S01 Application: Great repalce for A/C Lights, Climate Control light,Shifter light amp; Radio/Switch Lights etc Ultra Bright LED, unique and more vivid color.Low Power Consumption and Low Temperature Faster on/off response time and vibration resistant. Please NOTE: If the LED does not light up, simply Rotating it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity) Product Description 6 Color T5 LED Light 20Pcs T5 LED Light T5 Halogen Light T5 Dash Light Blue T5 LED Light Light Source Type LED LED Halogen Halogen LED Color 6 color white warm white white Blue 100% High Quality Gọlden Pọthọs Clearance Discount Online All stores are sold Automotive => Replacement Parts => Lighting Electrical

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