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Factory Wholesaler By Electric Bobbin Winder, 13000-14000 RPM High Speed Semi-Automati Shop Discount Sale Online

Electric Bobbin Winder, 13000-14000 RPM High Speed Semi-Automati JT Eaton 410 Jawz Easy to Set Rat Trap Clearance Online Sale These are what I use to catch chipmunks pestering around my house. Every year I catch at least 30. This year I caught 8 in one day. They are very easy to set and very easy to empty the dead critter out. I just bait it with peanut butter and sometimes within 5 minutes I hear the telltale snap. Much easier than the old wooden traps. I have never had a problem with them breaking. They seem very durable. I have even caught a few squirrels with the traps and they didn't get broken(The traps. The squirrels were definitely broken). The only downside is I have to remember to bring them in for the evening. I am replacing another trap because the raccoons stole it! The one I am replacing was from last year and would still be in use if the raccoons had not absconded with it. Apparently, they have rodent problems as well. I was super stoked to catch a rat with my trap! When I discovered the kill, the rat must have moved before dying because the trap was about 5 feet from where I left it baited. This was in an undisturbed root cellar under the house. This makes me question the kill being instant, I suspect it wasn't. After disposing of the rat I rebaited the trap. Before I set it down, it deployed and broke apart into pieces!!! I was so disappointed. I contacted the seller through Amazon and they told me it was over 30 days and would not return or exchange the product. One dead rat cost me ! I am hugely disappointed and do not recommend the trap OR the seller so buyer beware and look elsewhere!Does what it is intended to do, but after watching a chipmunk fighting for his life, I hurriedly let him go and haven't used it since. Trapped a couple of birds too, but I freed them before they were injured too badly. I may be more of a liberal than I realized... A great trap, easy to set and bait. Very powerful. I used it for rats outside under my porch and killed them very effectively. I then used it in the house on mice. It really flattens meeses to pieces. Although there was a little blood and disembowelment involved, at least they didn't suffer. Much better than a glue trap where the poor mouse is tortured alive. I hated having to euthanize them with the hammer, and it isn't pretty, I first had tried the tazer and that unfortunately just knocked them out for a spell.This thing is really easy to bait, just unscrew cap and put into hole. The very first bait I used was peanut butter stuck to a Cheese doodle, they seem to really like that combo, in fact the bait is still in there from weeks ago as they have yet to take a bite without getting killed. I also like that fact that it is pretty loud when it goes off so I can get rid of the dead bits quickly. It says it is also for chipmunks but I treat them as yard pets. A really great trap and well worth the price, built to last!works well! does the job. no more chipmunks stealing the chicken food.I discovered a had a small rodent problem. I had not seen one in years. I spotted one as I was getting ready for work one morning. I realized my old fashioned Victor mousetraps with the spring loaded lever and latch were rusted out and were quite outdated. They no longer worked as the rodents simply ate the bait. I tried spraying the older traps with WD40 to loosen them up. I then went to another brand( Tomcat) and they failed miserably. The rodents ate the peanut butter without setting the traps off for two weeks daily. The construction on the other brand( Tomcat) is poor. The trap broke in parts. I then came here and read online elsewhere about JT Eaton 410 and JT Eaton 409 and spent money that was worth it. The next day the mouse was in the trap. I thought that was it. The day after, another other rodent was dead in another trap. They caught the rodents that fast and that quick. It is important that you use peanut butter and turn the traps towards the wall and follow the instructions exactly. I highly recommend this product.JT Eaton 410 Jawz Easy to Set Rat TrapJ.T. EATONSold by: BuyBoxerReturn eligible through Oct 16, 2018.37Condition: NewThe above item is what I purchased and when I opened the box the above pictures are what I received. The item itself is ok, but it's not acceptable to receive packages with bugs and larvae in the package. Not sure what their warehouse looks like, but I will not be purchasing from this company again!I got it just recently and looks to work very close to the tomcat one I also bought. I managed to get this to set once but it was triggered that night with nothing in it. it broke one of the teeth and never set again. I have no problem setting the tomcat and its not rocket science to figure out how to set the trap. i ended up just throwing it away. A total waste of time. Patio, Lawn Garden => Pest Control => Traps whilst also offering the best possible advice through our specialist trained sales team who collectively have over 100 years experience. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Jawz easy to set rat trap Allows for easy disposal of the dead rodent Provides the solid construction, reliability, quality and low price Without harmful chemicals, poisons, fumes or odors Heavy duty construction with adjustable trigger setting Product description JT Eaton 410 Jawz Easy to Set Rat Trap Factory Wholesaler By Electric Bobbin Winder, 13000-14000 RPM High Speed Semi-Automati Shop Discount Sale Online

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Factory Wholesaler By Electric Bobbin Winder, 13000-14000 RPM High Speed Semi-Automati Shop Discount Sale Online

Electric Bobbin Winder, 13000-14000 RPM High Speed Semi-Automati
Electric Bobbin Winder, 13000-14000 RPM High Speed Semi-Automati

  • 【 MAIN PARAMETER 】Speed: 13000-14000 rpm, Features: Special for Bobbins, Degree of automation: semi-automatic, Purpose: winding.
  • 【 BOBBIN WINDER MACHINE 】100% Brand new and high quality. Automatic bobbin winder for domestic and industrial sewing machines bobbin.
  • 【 TIME SAVING 】This bobbin winder machine saves a lot of time when you need to get a big project completed quickly.
  • 【 EASY TO INSTALL 】Metal plate can support the bobbin winder and line holder on the table steady for easily work. You can place the automatic winding device anywhere, and the bottom plate can be non-slip.
  • 【 BEST SERVICE 】100% Refund Guarantee, please be assured the purchase. Our products are sent from the US and can be delivered quickly. If you have any questions or quality issue,please feel free to contact us. NICE CHOOSE will do our best to help you solve the problem.

Product description

Weight: 3.5kg
Size: 42*23*15cm
Speed: 13000-14000 rpm
Features: Special for Bobbins
Degree of automation: semi-automatic
Type: Winding machine
Drive form: electric
Model: Winding machine
Purpose: winding
Feature: High-speed winding machine

Package included:
1 x Mechanical winding machine