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NC Rear ProShaft Driveshaft for Audi Q7 Sport 2007-2010 7L852110 Story of I Outlet UK Store NC Rear ProShaft Driveshaft for Audi Q7 Sport 2007-2010 7L852110 Shop Vintage we have a team of experts on hand to help you choose the right product for your needs. Editorial Reviews Repressing. UK expanded edition of the Rock keyboardist's 1976 album. The Story of I was Patrick's debut solo album and recorded in late 1975 during a period when all the members of Yes embarked on solo projects. The album was a concept piece based around a story Patrick had written. Musically, the album features Latin and Rock rhythms. One of the featured musicians on the album alongside Patrick is well known session drummer Andy Newmark. Other musicians on the album are Alphonse Mouzon and Jeff Berlin. Voiceprint. CDs Vinyl => International Music => Europe Financial sales sale From my first listen, back in 1976, this album became one of my top ten favorites. Moraz simply- HA, simply! The music is NOT SIMPLE- swept me into a realm of unrealized joy and wonder. His work with Yes on the Relayer LP had been such a revelation as to what could be done with the new keyboard technology and then "I". The artist in Moraz takes the listener on a high tech, yet acoustic journey through time amp; space while somehow remaining in the green majesty of Brazil's lush tropical rain forests. To this day, with thousands of record LPs and thousands of CDs, this truly remains one of my "if you had to choose" top tens. The mix on this issue is stronger on the low end signals than the Virgin release so as a side by side comparison, there is much to appreciate with this purchase. I will state that the lack of liner notes was/ is a disappointment. Why would the issue NOT include liner notes? Lovely work Patrick. This 2006 remaster is much improved over the 1994 Virgin "low price vault" release. Good low end and the harsh mid to high freq sound of the Virgin release is toned down a little on this. Pay the extra $ for this remaster over the 1994 reissue. It's worth it. Artwork including the hand written inner sleeve is included in this although the inner sleeve reproduction is so small it is mostly unreadable.Purchased the LP years ago when in high school and absolutely loved it. I traded it in several years later when I lost interest in this type of music. About 3 or 4 years ago I decided to revisit this on CD. For the most part it holds up as a very strong and diverse recording. Its main short falls are the overly bombastic mini moog fusion solos that seem to this listener today a bit self indulgent and unnecessary. The story is a little pretentious as well. I'm struck after taking this disc in these days with what an incredible mind thought of all this, coordinated it and executed it.Best cuts are: "Dancing Now", "Cachaca", "Incantation", "Intermezzo" and even though it sounds like a Bee Gees ballad at times, "Like A Child In Disguise". Compared with Moraz's other releases that followed this that I tried, this outing was definitely his best.I had the vinyl of this way back when it first came out and I played it to death. I finally found it available here and I just had to get it.Patrick Moraz is such a brilliant keyboard player and composer. I wish there were more like him around and I wish he was still making music as brilliant as this today.So what is it? It's a fusion of classical/rock/jazz/latin/progressive.It's impossible to compare it to any other artist because I've never heard another artist sound anything like this. Find it on youtube and take a listen and then get it for yourself.This album was exactly what I wanted and in good condition. I remembered this from the past and am glad to have it.VERY UNIQUE PERSON. He must be Swiss or something ... and he REALLY is, for those who don't know him, yet. I've personally met and been able to talk with Patrick while sitting together in a restaurant to share a meal. Intriguing person ... and musician.Great to have it on CD since I had the original vinylI have always loved this record, but you probably have to be a progressive rock aficionado to own it.Patrick Moraz was the keyboardist for a time with the band YES.You can hear his influence profoundly on their fabulous recording of Relayer.This is one of the great keyboard solo albums of the 70's. Original arrangements with unique keyboard voicing are the highlights. The supporting cast is a very strong set. The percussionists from Brazil add a nice layer throughout this project. The only thing missing was the drawings from the album are not replicated with the CD.

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