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Musical Instruments => Wind Woodwind Instruments => Folk World we're breaking down barriers and helping to foster opportunity for all. Shop Now This is a FAKE copy of a HOHNER Harmonica. It looked suspicious right out of the box. The metal is way to polished, its a cheap chrome plating. The wood is all wrong, disgustingly wrong. The brass plates on both sides are mounted totally crooked. SOUND.. 50 Percent of the notes DO NOT PLAY at all. This is a bogus item, it shipped from japan... Japan.. Do Not Buy this item. Advertised as Hohner and key of D, marine band.. BEWARE...FAKE The edges are so sharp it cut my lower lip badly..My new Marine band is not right. The notes are unbalanced. My Blues Harp plays much better.Not sure if I got a bad one. Tried to disassemble but the 4 screws are in way to deep and the slots are not cut in well. I could not get it open.Not sure if it is authentic. Going to return.My favorite over the special 20. The fender blues harmonica is a cheap chinese ripoff of this exact harmonica, but unlike the fender, this one plays effortlessly. Its been the easiest for a beginner like me to isolate holes and play a straight note on. Would definitely purchase again.Shipping was fast and well packed. this marine band are one of the top hohner model harmonicas. they are not as loud as the crossovers but they last longer. they are also a little bit more of a "darker" tone instead of the crossover witch are more"brighter" in sound like the marine band deluxe.I bought this harp since I blew out a reed in my previous D harp. I was using it mostly for playing second position and I wasn't really a fan. Some of the higher notes didn't hold, and it didn't really last long for playing hard. Bending notes just didn't go smoothly. Maybe I was being to hard on it but I blew out a reed in just two or three months. I'm sure it works great for just playing straight harp, but it didn't really cut it for the rock and blues I like to use it for. So yeah, just okay.I already play a Lee Oskar Harmonica but my Grandfather had a Marine Band when I was growing up so I thought that it would be fun to have one to play. The sound of the Marine Band is good but the brass reed plates are exposed on the front of the instrument and have a sharp enough edge to cut you if you are not careful. I hate to disparage a classic but I much prefer the smooth front of the  Lee Oskar Harmonica, Major Key of D  or the  Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, D .My son plays this harmonica a lot. Hasn’t given him any troubles and he carries it with him often.I would like more note range. Max 58% OFF gạrdẹn Peạch Tọmatọ S-E-E-D, Cocona,, Heirloom,- 125 S-E-E-D Cheap Clearance Sale Online gạrdẹn Peạch Tọmatọ S-E-E-D, Cocona,, Heirloom,- 125 S-E-E-D Hohner Harmonica Pear Wood Body Key of D Brass Reeds 10 Hole diatonic Hohner Harmonica 10 Hole diatonic Key of D, Pear Wood Body 10 Hole diatonic, Brass Reeds Product description The Hohner Marine Band harmonica has been in use by harmonica players since 1896. Its pearwood body, brass reeds and design patented covers have made it the mainstay of Blues Masters for years. Whether your on stage or playing for your own enjoyment this harmonica can do it all Blues, Folk, Rock and Country. Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key of D

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