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Discount Clearance Stores Coronet Child's Prince of Wales Square Slot English Spurs Savings of Up to 65%

Clothing, Shoes Jewelry => Men => Uniforms, Work Safety Wholesale Cheapest Outlet Discount Clearance Stores Coronet Child's Prince of Wales Square Slot English Spurs Savings of Up to 65% with our no quibble return policy you can send it back to us and get a full refund up to 14 days after you've received your order. 281Z Military Stretch Cotton Underwear T-Shirt - Tactical Hiking 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane DESIGN. 281Z Punisher Combat T-Shirt design has accumulated the latest tendencies in the outdoor and tactical performance underwear combined with the results of extensive testing to achieve the best. QUALITY. In 281Z we use the best available materials to create our products. 281Z Punisher Combat T-Shirt uses high-quality natural fabric and highly-durable threads to ensure that it can withstand the rough conditions which it was designed for. COMFORT. The 281Z Punisher Combat T-Shirt is designed to give the user maximum wear comfort. The natural cotton fabric is soft to the skin, breathable and instead of the synthetic fabrics does not cause an overheating in a hot weather. The seams are flat which means they would not create pressure and rubbing. And the convenient seam placement totally eliminates any chance of discomfort under the backpacks or any other gear. VERSATILITY. This T-Shirt works great during hiking, sport, workout or any other activity or sport. It can be comfortably used as undershirt with the body armor, backpacks, load-bearing or climbing gear. And also 281Z Punisher Combat T-Shirt can also be used as casual t-shirt, it works great in everyday use. PROVED IN COMBAT. This T-shirt is widely used in Ukrainian armed forces and law enforcement agencies, and has repedeately proved its performance in various combat situations and rough battlefield conditions. Made in Ukraine. Quality proved in combat. EASY CARE. Machine wash, permanent press: initial water temperature should not exceed 40C/105F. Iron medium, max temp. 150C/302F. DO NOT: Dry clean, Bleach, Tumble dry. ATTENTION! For accurate sizing information, please refer to the size chart featured as an image on the listing. Do NOT refer to the Amazon size chart LINK next to the size selector. Product Description Original 281Z Punisher The Punisher t-shirt design was the first t-shirt designed by 281Z. It has been perfected for years. Initially developed as an undershirt for the Ukrainian army the design evolved over the years to accommodate everything great and become the ultimate versatile t-shirt. Anatomical design The t-shirt was designed to provide comfort in any situation. The anatomical cut allows the T-shirt to fit comfortably on the body, without creating unnecessary folds and chafing under the body armor, load-bearing gear, climbing equipment, and backpacks. All the details of the T-shirt are carefully designed to ensure the best fit and avoid discomfort at any possible conditions. Organic cotton fabric The fabric is soft to the touch but durable. Being an organic cotton - it keeps the moisture balance better then fast-drying synthetic fabrics, which helps to avoid overheating when it's hot, and it also breathes better than the majority of synthetics, so you won't sweat with your warm jacket on. Flat seams Flat seams do not protrude from the fabric, getting rid of any possibility of any rubbing, chafing or irritation. Complex seam structure allows it to stretch with the fabric, providing additional comfort and flexibility in demanding situations. They are also extremely durable. Versatility 281Z Punisher Combat T-shirt was primarily designed as a military uniform undershirt, so it could perform excellently for military or law enforcement applications, combining the performance design with military-class durability. But it will be suitable for any other use, such as athletics, workout, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc. Experience Specialists of the 281Z Team took part in reforming of material provision system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Their hard work significantly improved the Ukrainian soldier's equipment. Quailty Tested in Combat All our items are used by soldiers all over the world, from Ukraine to the United States, and they proved their efficiency and quality in various combat situations. Veteran Business Many of the 281Z Team members are combat veterans, who served in the Ukrainian Army from 2014, fighting the Russia-supported separatists in the east of Ukraine. Made in Ukraine All 281Z products are proudly made in Ukraine. This allows us to ensure that only high-quality products will be available to our customers This shirt is fantastic and much better than the horrible Duke Shirts I purchased at clothing sales, but it's just a shade or two off of the official USAF coyote brown. I don't think it's off enough to be an issue.This is perfect for type 3’s. It’s perfect fit. Does not ride up when you reach something high or low. Very comfy and soft.Bought 1 shirt to test, due to the price, and now I'm grabbing a bunch more. FYI: I'm not a fit dude, I'm 6'1" and overweight. Typically wear Eddie Bauer XL Tall shirts for undershirts. Yes, these don't come in Tall, but the cut is low enough to tuck in comfortably for a business wear undershirt. Ever since Eddie Bauer stopped carrying their 95/5 cotton/elastane shirts I've been on the lookout for something comparable. Admittedly this material is a little bit thinner and will wear out over a few years, but Eddie Bauer's shirts usually have thicker fabrics which can be quite uncomfortable. The best part about this shirt, what I do need to say, though, is that the sculpting is far, far superior than what Eddie Bauer has ever carried. Everything fits perfectly, especially around the chest. This is due to the seam line from the front of the neck to the armpit, which really cuts in where it needs to -- the result is a shirt that won't stretch in the wrong places, and this not only makes you feel sexy, secure, and comfortable, it will definitely make the shirt last longer. After wearing a shirt like this, you'll be asking yourself why anyone would ever put a seam line from the side of the neck running down along the top of the shoulder to the arm. (not only is this typical seam line poor design for a sculpted fit, but it's uncomfortable as it rubs essentially on the bony bits of your shoulder). These guys really hit it out of the park with this shirt, and so I had to write a review. The neck line is also not "tight" at my size. It's just right, not loose, not tight. Awesome shirt.In order from left to right: 281Z Military Stretch Cotton Underwear T-Shirt - Tactical Hiking Outdoor - Punisher Combat Line; my very worn/washed Soffee coyote brown shirt from the NEX; TRU-SPEC drirelease coyote brown moisture wicking tshirt. Very close to the Soffe tee from the NEX. I was unsure about this or the TRU-SPEC, as the reviews were similar. This one was the clear winner. As you can see, it's closer to the actual color, and the material is similar (95% cotton 5% spandex). The TRU-SPEC is mostly polyester and you can kind of tell. It may pass in a joint command, or on laundry day. The trunk of this shirt is long and easy to tuck in, and the stitching makes it very comfortable. Perfect fit. Right color. Dries super quick. Great for wear in NWU Type IIIs. What a gem! Roomy fit, GREAT quality, flat seams, comfy fabric, and great stretch. Haven't worn it in the field yet, but feels like a winner. And, it is from Ukraine- I don't mind wearing what those freedom fighters are making instead of just another sub-par China knock off that is too small...this one is a GREAT fit, especially for Americans- it is normal sized.....I am currently in Military training and wearing the current OCP/Scorpion/Multicam pattern and this shirt in tan is closest to the current regulation requirement for t-shirts ie.duke t-shirt.The shirt itself is amazingly comfortable, light, quick drying and stretches. The length is perfect and it stays tucked in. NOTE: if you are looking for a tighter shirt feel go down one size from the chart provided; I didn't expect the shirt to stretch so easily and conform so easily too. I would buy this shirt again Size large will fit perfect if you have a 44 inch chest and at least 6 feet tall. the large tee shirt is designed for that height length of sleeves and body length. if you are 5 9 or less you may have to alter length of sleeves and body length. also may have to tighten sleeve circumference . do that to this tee and it will look great cotton and elastene work . of course you must be flat and tight in the stomach. also this tee shirt shrinks a bit when washed even when using cold water and cool dryer. Coronet Child's Prince of Wales Square Slot English Spurs

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