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Organic India Turmeric Curcumin Herbal Supplement - Joint Mobili CLAIM TURMERIC'S BENEFITS - Turmeric is known for providing extensive health benefits. Our pure formula is fortified to give you high absorption and bio-availability SUPPORT ULTIMATE JOINT HEALTH - Turmeric has been clinically shown to support joint comfort and mobility POTENT ANTIOXIDANT - Properties support Heart Health, Immune Response, and Digestive Function GROWN SUSTAINABLY USING REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE - With great attention to sustainability, we are growing and harvesting our herbs ethically, partnering with small family farmers to restore vibrant health to the communities and land of India LEED PLATINUM CERTIFIED - In 2018, Organic India became the first food production facility in India to obtain the LEED Platinum certification - setting the standard of excellence and commitment to the well-being of the community, the environment, employees, and farmer partners Product Description Health Household => Diet Sports Nutrition => Herbal Supplements favorite Large Guinea Pigs and Feathers on Soft Black Personalised Bike S Ranking TOP7 Large Guinea Pigs and Feathers on Soft Black Personalised Bike S Compare Discount we’ve grown every year since entering the online market in 2000 and we don’t intend to stop. As a certified nutritionist I recommend turmeric - and more specifically the active compound, curcumin. there is plenty of data to support it as anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic, and it can also help remove the toxic buildup of beta amyloid plaque from the brain which has been directly linked to Alzheimer's and dementia.Regarding brain function: Most individuals have the ApoE gene to remove amyloid. Amyloid is basically a waste product of neurons. But it is estimated that 25% of the population has a mutation of this gene which allows amyloid deposits to build up and interfere with our normal brain function. We can counter this affect with turmeric/curcumin, curry, yellow mustard and moderate to strong pungent cayenne (sharp red pepper). Turmeric is an ingredient in curry, and a smaller amount is found in yellow mustard. There might actually be other ingredients in curry and yellow mustard that enhance turmeric's bioavailability, such as the black pepper and ginger in the curry, or the apple cider vinegar in the right yellow mustard formula. (Note it is the turmeric in yellow mustard that gives it the color -- other mustard's do not generally contain turmeric.)I generally applaud Organic India products for their use of organic ingredients and for their commitment to purity -- eg no fillers and lubricants added such as stearic acid/vegetable stearates, silicon dioxide, silica, talc, etc....However, I have used this product daily for at least six months with no recognizable improvement of inflammation or cognition. Yet when I began taking a fairly small intake of cayenne pepper I noticed cognitive improvements after about a month. (Not so much for inflammation though - probably need to take more.) Basically, I just sprinkle it generously on everything savory that I eat. I quickly adjusted to the heat and was able to increase the amount. I've tried taking a quarter to half tsp directly but found it too hot for my stomach, even with fresh grated ginger. I might try this again though since I seem to be building up some tolerance to the heat. Taking it with food helps.Research shows the addition of black pepper to turmeric aids absorption. Some research says by as much as 2000%. Manufactures generally know this and many and add piperine, which is a black pepper alkaloid. (Note, the studies used a ratio of 10-12% piperine to turmeric - basically 20-25 mg piperine to 2000 mg turmeric). So I wonder why Organic India has not added piperine? The addition of ginger is good - it too is a potent inflammatory - but there doesn't appear to be any research to show that it offers the same enhanced absorption as black pepper.The problem I have found with most of the manufacturers who add piperine to their formulas is they also use fillers. One study showed the addition of stearate/stearic acid reduced nutrient absorption by 80%. It is also a triglyceride and GMO-sourced. And it has been shown to have a damaging affect on the lining of the gut, leading to long-term digestive issues, so supplements containing these are best avoided.There is evidence showing that simply taking turmeric with a meal that contains black pepper will aid absorption. Although the exact amount has not been defined 1/4 tsp seems to be the recommended dose which is a fair amount of pepper, right? The understanding is that black pepper interferes with some key enzymes and thus allows the curcumin to pass through without being destroyed by the liver as a foreign substance. I don't believe there is any evidence to suggest that ginger rhizomes will do the same. (Be sure to use fresh ground whole peppercorns since the piperine can be lost with storage.) This certainly makes curry a best bet since it contains several key ingredients which include black pepper and turmeric. Most of the world's supply of turmeric and black pepper come from India so it is no surprise that their population simply does not suffer from Alzheimers and dementia like the rest of the world.Perhaps Organic India will consider reformulating this product with the addition of piperine, and they could keep this formula with ginger for those with sensitive stomachs since pepper can cause gastric upset for some. Meanwhile I am struggling about whether to give the review 3 or 4 stars. Organic, no fillers and a standardized formula certainly rate at the top of my list, but if it isn't effective then it's a waste of money. On the other hand, you could try adding a decent amount of black pepper to a meal when you take these. And I recommend increasing the recommended dosage to at least 2 caps 2-3 times per day. The recommended does is generally 400-600 mg, 2-3 times per day. Up to 8000 mg has not shown toxicity.I'm going with only 3 stars because people, like myself, often skim the 4 and 5 star reviews as being quite satisfactory. I like and respect the manufacture but the product is too lacking in bioavailability to warrant 4 or 5 stars. If they improve their formula I will definitely reconsider the low rating.Some updates, September 07, 2016: I forgot to mention above that Curcumin has been shown to cause apoptosis in breast cancer stem cells as well as in some other cancers. I have also been asked if those with auto immune disorders can take turmeric, thinking the curcuminoids might increase immune function which under certain circumstance can inflame autoimmune symptoms. Curcumin does not work like an immune enhancing herb such as echinacea which is an anti-inflammatory herb that also stimulates the immune system through increased production of T-cells and macrophages in the bloodstream which in turn attack pathogens. Rather, turmeric works by inhibiting regulator molecules that send messages to genes to produce inflammation.Also worth mentioning:Due to the increasing fraudulent use of organic claims - especially with products sold online (including Amazon) - I began looking for the organic "certification" when advertised on the front of the bottles.I checked the Organic India website and they claim to be organically certified through the NPOP India Organic and also the EU (rather than through the USDA). But neither organic seal is displayed on the bottle. In the US, in order to legally display the word "organic" on the front of any label, a recognized organic seal is REQUIRED. So I attempted to contact the company through their website to request a copy of their certifications and, as of today, their website online form link was not functioning along with links to several other pages. There is also no direct email address provided, and no phone number was posted on their 'contact us' page (or anywhere else) to call them. This does not bode well. Perhaps a company spokesperson will respond here to support their organic claims and help us understand why there is no certified organic seal on their label. I doubt just because they are imported and certified by foreign entities that they are exempt from USDA laws.In conclusion, I have not been able to find a seal-certified turmeric/curcumin product without added fillers or flow agents, so I now recommend buying organic turmeric in bulk powder from Mountain Rose Herbs, Frontier, or Star Botanicals. The last two are available on Amazon, but I've received some poor quality herbs from Star Botanicals (lots of stones, twigs, stems, etc in certain flower and leafy herbs) so they are a last choice for me. Mountain Rose is my go-to for bulk. (I have no connection.) Plus you'll save some money buying bulk powder. You could always get a capsule maker and a bag of capsules to make your own if taste is an issue. Just remember to add freshly ground organic black pepper to increase absorption. Also taking turmeric with food helps eliminate any indigestion that can occur.Sorry to come down so hard on Organic India but I think I have raised some legitimate concerns.Please consider clicking the helpful button if you found this review helpful.Many thanks!I have ordered this product for years and like it, but this company doesn't accept returns and the label information is wrong. I always bought the Turmeric and ginger combination, that's what this label showed I was getting.When I received it it has turmeric and ginger but also some other ingredients not listed called trikatu, pepper fruit, pepper seed. I tried it and it gave me esophagus burn, so I went back to Amazon to try and return it and their is a No return Policy on this product. BUYER BEWARE Now I'm stuck with a 180 caps bottle.How can they get away with listing the wrong ingredients, isn't their some sort of regulations on these products, some people have severe allergy to some of these ingredients.Had to contact Amazon for a full refund since returning was not an option at all. The label on the product I received was not as shown and contains that CA Prop 65 warning... not something that I want to put in my body.After Drs tried to doom me to a life of pain because of injuries sustained by accident with a tow truck, I researched and found Tumeric! I read of tumeric milk which reduces inflammation​. I was taking 6 Aleve a day...which was working, but I knew my liver and kidneys would pay a hefty price for it.I began consuming tumeric milk and Ashawagada together...and my pain is GONE! A miracle from the earth!!I have reordered this product three times. Today I was inspired to write a review. I have arthritis and suffer from intermitent pain especially after working too many hours as a Dental Hygienist or simply over doing it during a work out. Well I was taking Organic India for a while and noticed I didn't have so many aches and pain and didn't pay attention until last week when I started to have swollen joints in my hands and shoulder. Then it hit me, I had forgotten to order more and had been about three weeks without it. Today I received my order and cant wait to feel better again. I really recomend this product.My wife is a breast cancer survivor, she got into taking a number of supplements while going through treatment...she does a great deal of research on everything and has been buying everything via Amazon. I was with her through everything and take the same supplements (we're a team), she wanted me to do what she's doing and I had no problem doing so. No issue with any of the supplements, take a number of different one and will use the same review for issues, good quality and everything we're taking have hundreds of positive reviews.I have been taking these for 10 months for their anti inflammatory properties, along with ginger. Both are helping me tremendously as I am allergic to all other over the counter pills. This last shipment was the first time I have ever had a problem with quality control. 1 capsule had opened amp; the contents were all over the bottle amp; the other capsules. I did not ask for a refund since it was only 1 pill. But I will if it happens again as it took an hour to wipe off 89 pills amp; after finishing, my fingers were stained yellow for a day.I'm a 70 year old man who had a heart attack three years ago. This brand of curcumin is top quality and works to reduce inflammation in the body better than any I had tried. It is excellent for post heart attack victims because second heart attacks are caused more by inflammation than any other cause. I know it works because I used to wake up in the morning with my hands feeling swollen and sore. It also helps keep my joints from being as sore as they used to. Since taking this product it simply doesn't happen any more. My latest nuclear stress test results were so good that my cardiologist took me off blood thinners and highly recommended I continue taking curcumin every day along with a baby aspirin. I use several supplements from Organic India, including their fiber supplement and the quality and price are both exemplary. Highly recommend.

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Ranking TOP7 Large Guinea Pigs and Feathers on Soft Black Personalised Bike S Compare Discount

Large Guinea Pigs and Feathers on Soft Black Personalised Bike S
Large Guinea Pigs and Feathers on Soft Black Personalised Bike S

    This fits your .
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Dimension: This Bike Saddle Cushion dimension is 37x27 cm,which fits most bike seats.Please check your bike seat size before purchasing.
  • Wateramp;Dust Resistant: When parking in rainy days or on the dusty road,the bicycle seat cover can protect your saddle from water and dust.
  • Quickamp;Easy to Install:Spring clasp + rope,can be adjusted in size,easy to install.
  • Personalised: The Bike Seat Cover is carefully selected by our designers.Designed pattern makes the cover stand out by utilizing vibrant and bright colors.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are concentrating on the customers’ shopping experience, If you have any problems,you can contact us by emails and we would like to try our best to solve your problem and make you satisfied.

Product description

【 Material Description 】

Waterproof silver-coated Oxford cloth (polyester)

【Accessories structure】

Spring buckle + rope closing, can be adjusted in size, easy to install

【Product performance】

Use durable waterproof fabric, waterproof and scratch-resistant, precise routing, beautiful and generous, can be perfectly covered around your bicycle seat, protect your seat from rain, dust, wind and sun, for a long time Protect your bicycle seat.

【Applicable scenarios】

Bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, etc. can be used.

【 Washing instructions 】

Hand wash and machine wash. Do not soak for a long time. Do not bleach. The temperature of the washing liquid should not exceed 45ºC.

【 Special Note 】

This size data is measured under the flat tile. Due to the different measurement methods, it is normal that the error is within 1cm.

【 Reminder 】

The picture display effect is for reference only, and the final effect is subject to the actual product! Due to objective factors such as production batches, machinery and equipment, it is difficult to avoid or will have minor color differences, position and size errors. If the above problems are normal, they will not be included in the after-sales processing category.