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Pet Supplies => Birds => Cages Accessories BWOGUE Wooden Chicken Flexible Ladder,Parrot Chicken Swing,Pet T Shop Cheap in addition to relying on our own expertise, we gather interviews and data from the best sources around Fun activity and colorful design to reduce coop boredom, bringing smiles to the people that care for them Size: 31.5''*3.9''(L*W) (the length including metal clasp) Climbing ladder motion is enjoyed by the chicken as well as the people who watch them climbing Made with wooden, steel wire throughout all the ladder,Buckles to prevent steel wire pull off,and quick link fastener for easy attachment in outdoors Simple installation for the most coop size. Color: Colorful - send by random Product description Size:31.5 inch (Pack of 1) Chicken like bright colors. This product is made of the natural wood. It will fade when meeting the water because no harmful color fixing gel included. Maybe it needs some time for your lovely chicken to take to it. But, you need to believe chicken are born to like flying. Suitable for your lovely chicken. Colorful and beautiful, your chicken will surely enjoy it. Note:Every natural wood is unqiue, cracks or tree eyes are unavoidable and color are random. Specific: Material: natural wood Color: multicolor Length: about 31.5 in (including metal clasp) Ladder width: 4 in Thickness: 0.6 in Bar spacer: 2 in Rung quantity: 12 Note: 4 metal clasps included. No harmful color gel added. Package Content: 1 x Chicken Pet Toy Ladder Love, love this toy for my chickens!! I put it in my girls coop and one perched on it for hours while the others wanted a turn. Colors are great, fast deliveryIt's tough to give this item 3 stars because the item itself is really high quality. Its made of wood with interior steel cables and it looks like it would last a long time. However, the problem is this item has NO use for chickens. Like most people said they got their for the coops to give the chickens something to play on, but this bridge is entirely too shakey for chickens. There's no stability for them to jump up on or roost with. They're more afraid of it than intrigued by it. So I'm giving it 3 stars for the simple reason that this is perfect for something like a parrot or small bird, but chickens won't use it because it has no stability. The advertisement of the ad leads you to believe that chickens will love this item, when 99% of chickens wouldn't.She loves it. I have 15 chickens 2 roosters. 4 chickens are bantams. The one is a very friendly bantam who loves to sit on a shoulder. Well what she doesn’t like is being a little one. She believes she should be sitting above the rest. So when I am not around the coop, this swing attached to the pen, up in a corner allows her to be just above the rest. The other littles are to shy to try getting up there, and the big chickens can’t quite get themselves perched comfortably. Therefore, Munch (her name), has the swing to herself and she loves it. If this were longer I would have gotten one for my larger chickens to perch in opposite corner.I purchased this for my Mom's Chicken coop, her hens are about 3 months old. It was easy to attach the swinging ladder to the chicken wire in the chicken yard. Its hilarious to watch her chicks jumping on and off the ladder, trying to run the length of it, and the Big Girl plopping her chicken butt right in the middle. I will likely purchase another just so the other girls get a chance to plop their chicken butts on it too. I purchased this ladder for my chickens when they were about 6 weeks old and very interested in practicing their "flying" and "roosting" abilities. They were timid about this new and strange object at first, but now I can find 2 or 3 of them hanging out on the ladder at any given time. The bright colors are starting to fade a bit because of the dust and droppings, but I am fine with that. And maybe I'll try hosing it down one of these days to see if that helps bring it back to life. The clips that attach it to the cage on either side are sturdy and can't accidentally fall off, so no surprised or injured chickens!Very very bad item. No one should buy it. The beads are threaded on very sharp extra thin wire. It killed my cockatoo. He bite the beads and broke them. Because it’s soooo thin. I didn’t see the wire in the cage. My bird got tangled in it. On his way to try releasing himself, the sharp wire cut his wing bone. He bled to death. Birds toys should be threaded in cords or thread not with wire. Protect your birds. Don’t buy this itemI like the look and make of this product, both are great. But non of my 6 chickens actually use it (and they love to perch!) so right now it is basically a fancy decoration in their coop. I would not buy again, not due to the product quality, but due to the lack of interest from my birds after 3+ months or it being in their chicken run.My girls love it. BFAFEN Women's Plus Size Dresses for Fall V Neck Long Sleeve Flo Buy Shop Online BFAFEN Women's Plus Size Dresses for Fall V Neck Long Sleeve Flo Factory Outlet Online UK Rear

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Buy Shop Online BFAFEN Women's Plus Size Dresses for Fall V Neck Long Sleeve Flo Factory Outlet Online UK Rear

BFAFEN Women's Plus Size Dresses for Fall V Neck Long Sleeve Flo
BFAFEN Women's Plus Size Dresses for Fall V Neck Long Sleeve Flo

  • ???? You Can Get :1 PC women's Dress
  • Pull On closure
  • ☀️【Material】: ❀ Polyester, casual fall dress is made of high quality materials,stretchy, and very comfortable!
  • ☀️ Kind of a strange baggy stretchy heavy fabric. The graphic was nice and crisp. Plenty of color on dress, the colors are so vibrant.
  • ☀️【Occasion】: Daily, show the wedding,outdoor,beach,summer,party,dating,daily recreation,home, vacation and so on.
  • ☀️【Season】: Spring, summer, autumn.
  • ☀️【Style】: Simple, buttocks dress, this dress is so soft and beautiful and the shoulders are nice and flat, comfortable and pleasant, can wear personality at home or at work.
  • ☀️【Petite-Plus-Size】: Fine for a normal look, stylish and fashion design make you more attractive, very cool to wear,new you.
  • ☀️【Washing method】: Hand or gentle machine wash in cold water / do not bleach / line dry.
  • ☀️【Notice 】: Please note that slight color difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.
  • ☀️ Vintage print dress is so cute, very suitable as a gift for girlfriends, mothers, sisters, etc.Casual dress is perfect for those days!!!
  • ☀️ This is a very nice dress. The graphic is a good quality and looks great, it’s super soft, no loose threads.

Product description

Welcome to Yaia EKhviu, there are many fashionable and beautiful clothes, suitable for many occasions. Our clothes are all high-quality clothes, no matter from the material or the style, wearing them will make you very comfortable and look very beautiful and charming. It’s better to take action. If you have a fancy dress, place an order and buy it!


Size Chart:

Size: Small ——US: 4 ——UK: 8 EU: 34 ——Bust: 92cm/36.22'' ——Waist: 68cm/26.77'' ——Sleeve: 62cm/24.41'' ——Length: 137cm/53.94''

Size: Medium ——US: 6 ——UK: 10 EU: 36 ——Bust: 96cm/37.80'' ——Waist: 73cm/28.74'' ——Sleeve: 63cm/24.80'' ——Length: 139cm/54.72''

Size: Large ——US: 8 ——UK: 12 EU: 38 ——Bust: 100cm/39.37'' ——Waist: 78cm/30.71'' ——Sleeve: 64cm/25.20'' ——Length: 141cm/55.51''

Size: X-Large ——US: 10 ——UK: 14 EU: 40 ——Bust: 104cm/40.94'' ——Waist: 83cm/32.68'' ——Sleeve: 64cm/25.20'' ——Length: 143cm/56.30''