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Chiro-Klenz Original Joint Freedom Tea Shop UK Online Tattoo Needles Eyebrown Needles 100pcs Permanent Makeup Manual E worldwide in buying and selling online. Beauty Personal Care => Personal Care => Piercing Tattoo Supplies ExcelenteNice Store Online For Discount Chiro-Klenz Original Joint Freedom Tea Biggest Discount Sale Great Quality: Tattoo blade microblading needles are made of 361L medical grade stainless steel. Eyebrow microblading Needles are sharp and elastic. They have excellent stability, less vibration, making the eyebrow line more beautiful. The needles have superior quality and comply with international cosmetology and medical requirements. Sterilization: The microblading needles are the best microblading supplies. Sterilization certified by Gamma Ray, complying with Government Sterilization Guidelines. And ISO9002 and CE marked. Certification standard flexible and elastic, easily make arch clear and smooth. Excellent for multiple procedures and skin tones and create the vivid and natural effect for tattoo. Use: For single use only.The manual permanent makeup needle tips is sharp,easy to cut skin and achieve rapid coloring effects. You can use the microblading needles with eyebrow microblading pen to make permanent makeup, the microblading blades are suit for all microblading pens. With laser ended , while maintaining the resilience, the stability is also excellent. It is greatly favored by users and consumers. Safe: The super small needle for details and reduce skin puncture injury and ensure perfect color and natural-looking. More safe and durable. Package: The tattoo blade microblading needles are individual sealed packed, 100pcs in one pack. More healthy and safe. Product description About Products:1. Fit for eyebrow, eyeliner, lip makeup and even small patterns of body tattoos. 2. Superior quality and complying with international cosmetology and medical requirements. 3. Suit for all microblading pen. 4. It provide ultimate strength, precision and stability you demand. 5. Needle tips are sharp,easy to cut skin and easy to color. 6. Tail needle is coarse and front needle is soft with resilience, easy to operate. 7. The needles have excellent stability, can reduce vibration. Features:1. The needles are made of 316L Stainless Steel. 2. Sterilized by Gamma Rays, more safe. 3. ISO9002 and CE marked. 4. Disposable accessories provide hygienic environment and safe application. 5.The excellent needles ensure both customer and artists satisfactory. 6. And they are individual sealed packed, more safe and clean. 7. For single use only. Packing List: 100 x 14 sloped tattoo blades needles. Available Needles: 9pin, 11pin, 12 pin, 14 pin, 16pin, 17pin, 21pin Note: For single use only, never use it repeatedly. Needle tips are sharp, please be careful when using. Avoid alcohol, spicy seafood after tattoo.

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