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Ella Austin

“About Ella Austin Community Center

Historically, the Ella Austin Community Center began through the vision of Mrs. Ella Austin, who opened her home to orphaned children in 1897. Through her dedication, her orphanage became a center of support for the neighborhood and evolved into the Ella Austin Community Center; a neighborhood-based, multi-social service, non-profit agency that provides a broad range of assistance to individuals and families.

Today, the Ella Austin Community Center promotes healthy life styles, leadership skills, and self-sufficiency to individuals in the San Antonio and Bexar County area. If you would like to support these efforts, please consider making contribution or volunteering.


To empower individuals and families across the life span by providing multiple, integrated services that meet the needs of San Antonio’s Eastside neighborhoods and beyond.


We envision a neighborhood where every person feels welcome, safe and respected; a neighborhood where everyone can be healthy, grow and learn; and where families are rooted throughout their lives.”