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Collection Online Stained Floral Butterflies Hand Sanitizer Key Ring Holder USA Cheap Sale

Collection Online Stained Floral Butterflies Hand Sanitizer Key Ring Holder USA Cheap Sale 2 Pcs Ear Stud Tools kit, Self earrings Stud Tools,home ear kit Beauty Personal Care => Personal Care => Piercing Tattoo Supplies ♥ Disposable perforating perforating gun earring gun perforation tool . Suitable for professional use or home use. ♥ Products include: ear piercing kit Tool (white), built-in earrings and alcohol swabs. Suitable for families or specialty stores. ♥ Professional disposable percing tool with earrings; as long as you gently press the tool, the ear hole can be well attached to the ear, very convenient! ♥ Small size, easy to use, easy to align position, need perforation of ear holes. ♥ 100% brand new, high quality. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Product description Color:Golden Pearl Dear customers, welcome to our LHRR store. Thank you for your support and recognition of the store. Next, please learn about our piercing artifact! Product name: Ear piercing tool White color how to use: 1. Please clean your hands before use 2. Repair the hair with hair clips, which can effectively clean the ears 3. Open the package and hold the ear gun. Please note that press your thumb on the other side of the pressure lever for easier operation. 4. Use your thumb to gently press the handle to fold it. Determine where you need to pierce 5. Thumb up until the wings on both sides of the pressure rod break, and the lever pushes the ear needle into the ear lobe and fixes it to the ear stud. 6. Hold the stud and the stud, and then gently push the plastic body outward prompt: 1. Avoid contact with water 2. It is strongly recommended to clean the earlobe 1-2 times with an alcohol  within 10 days after the puncture. 3. Keep the pegs for at least 4 weeks 4. The original earrings can be replaced after 4 weeks. It is recommended not to use earrings that are too heavy caveat: If there is any discomfort, remove the pierced stud. Products include: ✔2x disposable ear piercers tool ✔2x alcohol cotton pads Finally, thank our customers and friends again, our LHRR team will bring you more new products! Looking forward to your next visit. Happy everyday! ! Stained Floral Butterflies Hand Sanitizer Key Ring Holder My ears were pierced decades ago, but one of them was done badly. The piercing was on an angle and got to the point where I couldn’t get a post to go through it. I repierced it myself because I couldn’t talk my husband into doing it for me. It was easier than I expected it to be, I would highly recommend. There were no directions with it, but you can find lots of YouTube videos showing how to do it.I got this piercing kit for the cartilage on my upper ear. I have one piercing in the cartilage already and have wanted a second set for a while. The kit came and both pieces were sealed in their containers and both alcohol wipes were sealed nicely also. My mom did the actual piercing because I didn't trust myself to be able to get them even and straight. They went through nicely (with some mild pain, but I expected that) and mostly perfectly. The back on one of the earrings didn't stay on (or maybe on that one she didn't squeeze as tightly, but the back popped on just fine afterward.You'll want to get some piercing aftercare to make sure it doesn't get infected, but overall I would recommend this if you're appropriately careful.The first one worked as expected. It was quick and easy. The second one didn’t pierce all the way through (it only went about halfway through the earlobe) causing me to have to push it the rest of the way through. The plus side is that the earrings are cute and they haven’t gotten infected. I’m sorely disappointed that the second one caused that kind of trauma to the ear, yet grateful that the jewelry hasn’t caused any sort of irritation or infection. I wouldn’t take my chances on purchasing these was so easy to pierce my ears, just buy ear piercing care solution to not get an infection! most piercing guns come with a big stud earing, i liked this item specifically because the gun came with the earrings i chose. I recommend! amazon jewelry has always lasted more than other websites like shein, its good quality :)This was super easy to use and the cost was alot less than going to a store to get ears pierced.ExcelenteGot two of them tried one didn't shoot just made ear bleed. Not even going to try the second one. No directions on how to use. Was hard to get one of them to go through my ear. Once I did get it to work it did a good job. I may have gotten a defective one , since it was so hard to use. Shop Low Prices we keep trying various possibilities and challenging all limits.

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