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El Tallercito de Son SATX

IMG_5064I was able to catch up with El Tallercito De Son SATX at one of their community Son Jarocho sessions outside of San Anto Cultural Arts on the evening of March 1st, 2016.  Son Jarocho is a form of music that comes from Veracruz, Mexico.  One of the popular instruments is the jarana, which looks like a small guitar and has many other counter parts which can be read about on wikipedia.

What’s interesting about Son Jarocho is not just the music, but the community building it promotes as the practice of Son Jarocho is very inclusionary.

Getting to visit with El Tallercito De Son SATX’s group proved to be very educational.  Their approach to playing revolves around helping new comers to learn the instruments and then playing together slowly building momentum.

I encourage you to visit their FB page to find out more about the activities.

And stay tuned as there is another Son Jarocho group, Son Semillas, that we will be covering as well who is also going out into the community and engaging others in the love the music.

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