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Pre-K 4 SA – “Walk in our Shoes” Fall 2016

blue_high_sneakers_png_2WALK IN OUR SHOES

It’s not always easy for Pre-K students to tell parents about their daily activities. One way to enlighten parents about their children’s school life is to invite them into the classroom for Pre-K 4 SA’s parent day called “Walk in our Shoes”! This is a day where parents are invited to learn side-by-side and experience what students do during their “Work Time”.

Parents observe the quality level of instruction their students receive as students PLAN, DO, REVIEW! “It is a brief period of time but it is one of the most important day-to-day experiences at Pre-K 4 SA as students learn through play,” teacher Lauren Moñuz explained. “They think about what they are going to do, which materials they are going to use, what they are going to create, and possibly who they are going to work with.”


Students begin by sitting down at their assigned seats and patiently take turns passing around a planning wheel where they select their first activity they will do.  After planning time students are free to share their favorite activities in the classroom with each other and their parents.


Students have access to new mediums such as educational games on the iPad.

Parents are not only able to enjoy participating in activities with their child they get to watch how they interact with their fellow classmates and friends.”It’s incredible to see the capabilities children have, given the resources, being able to use iPad’s and creating detailed arts and crafts at such a young age,” parent Maggie Peter stated.

At the end of their activities students participate in “Recall Time” where students discuss their favorite activities. This time is supplemented by a simple light-up tool allowing students to focus, process their thoughts, and review.

“Walk in Our Shoes” is an enlightening experience for parents, students, and teachers.