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openED SA visits UTSA

IMG_3920 1Well joey lopez, Jeremy Zunker and John Frazee made our way over to UTSA’s New Media program for the second week of class to host some openED SA workshops.  What’s cool about piloting workshops is that we get to really test far out ideas.  New Media professor Mark McCoin volunteered his beginners new media class, as well as his senior new media class for a set of workshops.

It should be noted we were able replicate our workshops at Sutton Oaks Apartments with the beginner new media class, we did both the Stop Motion and LED Soldering workshops.  The students were eager to learn and begin making.  Being BFA students, it was great to see their creativity come alive.  It is our hope to get to go back to that class later in the semester and recruit students to go out into the greater San Antonio area and do more openED SA workshops with the skills they learned in class.

IMG_3899 1For the senior new media class we were able to pilot an advanced video projection/display manipulation workshop that spanned over 2 x 2 hour sessions. We challenged the student to make art installations using projectors, computers and their imagination.  The results were amazing. The students worked in three groups and designed 3 completely different experiences and developed them to differing stages.  It was great to see diversity in the content, designs and implementation of the projectors.

I would like to thank Mark McCoin for allowing us to work with his students and pilot our workshops, it is our hope that we are able to collaborate in the future to go out into San Antonio and perform more work shops together.

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