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openED SA tags along with SASTEMIC to Del Rio

IMG_6925openED SA’s joey lopez was able to catch up with SASTEMIC in Del Rio, Tx.  For those who are unaware of SASTEMIC, they are a San Antonio based non-profit who’s goal is to provide a “connectary” of STEM related activities and initiatives.  One of their main initiatives is the Geekbus, a bus that is outfitted with STEAM based resources to host on site workshops at community centers, fairs and k-12 schools.

As a board member of SASTEMIC joey lopez volunteered to help document a Geekbus visit to San Felipe memorial Middle School where middle school youth from all over Del Rio came for a one day Geekbus experience.

Mr. Reed, a middle school teacher who helps run the STEM programing for the district out of Del Rio Middle School, heads up the day of activities and coordinated the event.  The students were exposed to 3D printing, computer programing and STEM oriented activities in general.

IMG_6973In addition I was able to meet the robotic club and talk to them about their organization.  It was fascinating to see that the A in STEAM really has worked it’s way in by even having a hand made Mascot.

Overall the visit was very informative of both what SASTEMIC does and what Mr. Reed and the middle school students of Del Rio have been up to.  I look forward to future visits and collaborations with them, we will be following up.

For more information about contacting the Geekbus for a visit to your school please visit:

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