Agency to Advocate

openED SA @ Maker Faire Floresville

We were able to make our way out to the openED SA Maker Faire Floresville on September 16th, 2016.  We were invited by Linda Downs, one of the organizers, to setup a booth and host a workshop.  We chose our stop motion animation workshop and setup two areas to create stop motion works.  We had a good number of participants for the size of crowd that was in attendance.  We were also able to make it over to Make San Antonio’s booth and check out their programmable pigbot.  It was really cool.

We will note our one disappointment with the Floresville Maker Faire was the inclusion of the Confederate Re-enactment group.  It was highly offensive and racist, as well as included people carrying guns.  It was an all-white group that did not set the kind of tone I am used to experiencing at a maker event.  We shared this concern with the organizers and hope they do not include them next year as we will not be in attendance if so.

We look forward to attending other Maker Faires around the greater San Antonio area, if you all are interested in us attending such an event feel free to contact us.

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