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Spare Parts Olympics

On January 28th, 2017, Spare Parts hosted their first gathering of its creative reuse educators.  The event was hosted by Spare Parts and Mini Art Museum leadership.  The Spare Part Olympics was conceived as a fun, interactive yearly event to introduce its educators its latest initiatives and to strengthen their creative reuse skills.  It was really cool to see Spare Parts announce the Spare Parts Shop, a pop-up shop initiative to help bring awareness and raise funds to ultimately open a permanent location.

In addition to our team of educators learning about the Spare Parts Pop-Up Shop, they learned about the latest Mini Art Museum news and upcoming exhibition schedule, as well as how to set it up on location.

Finally the volunteers competed in a creative reuse competition where they were all challenged to develop curriculum based around the materials given to them.  There were three rounds and it was amazing to see various ideas and concepts come to fruition and the creativity ramp up.

Having recently become a board member of the Mini Art Museum and documenting Spare Parts initiatives for over 3 years this event definitely helped me to see how Spare Parts is not just helping the children they reach out to, but also how the educators and board members create a working appreciation for re-use and co-operative collaboration.

For more information about Spare Parts please visit their site.


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