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Mini Art Museum at Dreamonoid’s HiFi

By joey lopez phd

Here at we have been working on multiple fronts to keep tracking art and technology advocacy efforts.

Myself, I have been working on networking and learning about various organizations who are going out into the community and working directly with businesses, schools and other non-profits to bring arts programing out into the city.

One such group I have gotten to know over the years is Spare Parts. previously covered their Spare Parts Olympics where they trained their arts educators.  Having covered many events for them as a photographer and videographer pro bono, last year I was asked to be part of the Mini Art Museum advisory board.

So this past year when I opened Dreamonoid’s HiFi on the westside of San Antonio, I thought it would be very fitting to team up with the Mini Art Museum to have an community event at our HiFi store.

So on February 7th, 2018 we hosted the Mini Art Museum at Dreamonoid’s HiFi.  With over 30 people in attendance it was a great event with the Mini Art Museum setup and an LED art activity accompanied it.

I personally created the LED Art activity, which if you look at other posts on this site is a very common theme.  I love LED Art as it introduces people to electronics and art all at the same time and young kids and adults alike get into it.

I would like to personally thank Gabby Santiago and Mary Cantu, the founders of the Mini Art Museum for bringing the Museum to Dreamonoid’s HiFi.

The event brought awareness of the Mini Art Museum and how it serves thousands of students a year through on site school visits, as well as community events.  If you would like to have the Mini Art Museum visit you or donate to their cause, I am including their contact information below:

Spare Parts:

Mini Art Museum: